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This is my personal blog where I share a lot of stuff about my life, family, friends, career, perception, realization…… and everything in between.

I am a perfectly flawed 40 something guitar teacher, storyteller, songwriter, music lover, food lover, movie buff, dreamer, reader (Newspaper and magazines. Nothing else),cook (only for my kids), professional musician, ex-footballer, roller skater, writer (only write in my personal diary), father of two daughters and an imperfect Christian, who has made more mistakes in life than any other member of my church.

I am a Commerce graduate, who still regrets not taking English Literature in college.

I have done short-term courses in Fashion Designing, Photography. Arabic Language, Goat farming, Continental cooking, Vegetable cultivation and Poly house construction.

Umm… I have got 8th grade in Plectrum Guitar playing from Trinity College London. 8th Grade in Popular Music Theory from London College of music, and also an Acoustic Guitar Teaching Diploma of the London College of Music.

Yeah…..I did all that! And I am still standing. Some call me a ‘Rolling Stone’. No problem. I rather do and experience everything I possibly can, right now, than regret later in life and say when I am old, “I wish I could have done this or done that”.

I used to write only in my personal diary before. But this year, to save trees, I started writing here.

What I intend to share here are all very personal views and opinions. Vegans, salad haters, steak lovers and fruitarians are all welcome to read and comment as long as they are matured and open minded.

I don’t spell check or check the grammar all the time. So forgive, ignore….whatever.

Have a nice day!

PS: All characters appearing in whatever I write, are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental! 🙂