Wrong Notes!

Umm… Notes 🙂

I am scared of currency notes. Too many counterfeit currencies in circulation nowadays.

Long time ago, some centuries ago when I was in school and college, I had this habit of writing notes to my classmates while the teacher was taking class.

I used to get caught by my teachers.

I am sure you know how the good old school days were – Puppy love, tuition class, cutting chai, sharing dosa, giving and receiving handwritten love letters, stealing coins (occasionally some green and blue notes from parents), renting video cassettes to watch biological documentaries (Umm..Nothing nothing 😉 )…It was fun.

I used to get caught every time because I had a Dad and a mom who was very experienced in all these matters.

Then one fine day I was given the responsibility of being the lead guitarist of a rock band. There was no youtube or music grade exam centers in my small town. That was 1992 and I was 19.

So, I started taking note of other senior guitarist in other bands.

Yes, I did learn a lot from those musicians.

Some people are like that. They take notes of everything. Some of them will have a pen and a notebook all the time. Even at 30,000 feet above sea level. Some people observe things more than others.

They are normally called daydreamers, lazy people, or time wasters.

I am an active life time member of that club.

Some people take a note of things for self-improvement. Some people take a note of things to study human behaviors.

The best thing about getting old is more freedom and more experience.Now it doesn’t matter whatever I wear. What is there to impress, kind of attitude.

People also don’t take a note of what I wear.

Now I am not worried about my bad handwriting. Who cares what others think about me, kind of attitude. Others also don’t take a note of that now when they see the grey hair on my head.

Now I am thinking, what difference would have happened in my life if I had a better handwriting? I don’t know why I felt ashamed about my handwriting when I was young.

I know it was not me. It’s the class teachers and friends around me made me feel bad because of my handwriting.

I had stopped writing for many years because I felt bad about my handwriting, and to an extent, my bad English grammar.

I don’t think I have ever scored more than 60% in English exam while I was in school or college.

I used to feel ashamed of myself when my friends or when my sister used to speak in fluent English with a good accent.

But now I am okay. I feel good about my handwriting and thinking, what is the use of having good grammar or a good accent if you don’t have anything to write and express.

How to use it to express is what matters.

Now it doesn’t really matter if there is a spelling mistake or if there is a grammar mistake or if the handwriting is bad.

That’s the beauty of getting old.

Now what matters is, can I communicate what my heart is saying, with others.

Same with music. I used to practice guitar for minimum eight hours while I was in college. I wanted to play every note correct.

I was worried about my competition and what others would think if I played a wrong note.

That was killing my creativity. I was trying my best to learn what others have already created.

Now I don’t practice that much. I stopped worrying about some wrong notes here and there.

My full concentration is on creating a new melody or a song.

That was the reason I picked up guitar in the first place when I was a kid. I wanted to express myself.

I am not interested in learning songs created by others.

But somewhere, I forgot my goal and went after what was popular- The Pop and Rock songs from the west.

It took some time to realize that I forgot my goal. Now I am back, and walking towards the goal.

Now I am okay if my students score whatever marks in their music grade exams. Now I appreciate their courage to take grade exams more than their marks.

By the way, Music Grade exams are not easy.

Okay, having said all these, as I am getting old, I am worried about the real notes. The currency notes.

Twice I got Rs.50 fake notes.

So, I cannot say that I stopped worrying about some wrong notes here and there.

Wrong musical notes are okay, but wrong currency notes are my new worry!

Now I know that it is more important to enjoy the process, and it is okay not to worry too much about being perfect.

Now I know that it is important to send notes to people you care.

Now I also know that it is very important not to send notes to people who told you to get lost.

Note:- The last sentence was a note to a person who I used to know and I am not in touch since 2012 🙂

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