Where Have all the Ashtrays and Radios Gone?

At least one ashtray was there in almost every house.

At my house, it was there in every room other than in kids room.It was okay to smoke inside the house and at public places.

Till the end of 90’s, I used to ask for seat in the smoking section of the aircraft while collecting the boarding pass. After 90’s they stopped that also.

Now, no smoking inside the aircraft. Traveling by flight used to be fun those days. Aircrafts were bigger, Meals were delicious, plenty of alcohol…Of course, the ticket charges were also high. Air-India was a real Maharaja those days.

Passengers were also treated like Maharajas. Their non-veg Biryani was so delicious. I still remember the taste of Biryani I had inside Air-india, even after 20 years.

Then came the oil crisis, and along with it came the low cost budget aircrafts who think giving a small packet of potato chips is a great thing!

Flying used to be fun and a pleasurable activity.I don’t know how could people enjoy travel in small aircrafts with no leg space, cabin crew with an elastic smile who makes an effort to sell you cheap chips and cola at an exorbitant rate.

Same fate has happened to Radios. They are also extinct.

There used to be a dedicated music system or a transistor radio in every house. We used to buy albums of our favorite artists. We knew the lyrics of every song on both sides of the audio- cassette.

Nowadays, people listen to only hit songs on youtube.

People used to listen to radio dramas, news, and songs.

Music system was full time switched on at my house. Dad had a huge collection of records. The speakers were big. The drums, bass guitar, lead guitar, keyboards and the vocals were so clear.

Dad used to explain what the lyrics of each song meant, what is lead guitar and what is rhythm guitar. Which guitarist was in which band etc.No, not only at my house only… This was the case in every house I knew. All had a dedicated music system. I don’t know what listening pleasure they get when nowadays people listen on laptop or mobile phone with headphones.

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