My Wonderful Students

At times I feel my students pay me fees to listen to my silly stories.

60% of my students are married with kids and working with MNC’s.

They might have heard and read about creative eccentric people but it’s for the first time they are actually seeing and talking to such a person.

It’s like a government subsidy, or like money spent by people or government to preserve and maintain heritage sites or art forms.

Most of my students want to follow their heart but are trapped in the templates and rules given to them by their close ones. They all have the courage and willpower to follow their heart or to tell what they feel.

But they also have fear. Fear of getting out of the comfort zone. Fear of losing a decent regular income. And more importantly, the fear of what others think.

People are scared of change. Nothing is easy.

Following ones’ heart requires lot of discipline. One should be ready to take rejections and unpleasant comments.

Well, I stopped advising others.

I have realized from my experience, and knowing other musicians, writers, and painters – that they are born that way, they are some kind of dreamers with an aesthetic aptitude.

They don’t have a plan B. The only plan that they have is to do what they want to do. They say what they want to say without worrying about how others feel.

Yes, divorce rate and suicide rates are high among creative people because they are not going to act as if everything is fine. They are not going to adjust and hope one day things will be fine.It has nothing to do with their upbringing.

My parents and sister think very differently. They are like most of the other people. They never agreed to my way of life. They always played it safe. They always advised me to get a 9-5 job, earn well, be with the family and be happy in life.

That’s so easy. But that’s not for me.

Listening to the heart is very difficult. But, there are people who know that someone is following his heart and we have to help him and keep him alive.

That’s the part my students are playing in my life. I love them. I am so happy that they chose me.

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