My Brain Oh My Brain

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This brain is a funny thing.

It can be operated, washed, stormed, fried, cooked, and killed. They taught me in the school that it’s one of the most vital organs in our body.

Well, I don’t think so.  According to me, or for me, the heart is the only thing that is necessary.  I follow my heart without taking my brain along. Whenever I took my brain along, I have failed.

Some mistake had happened while the almighty was designing the brain. Or, maybe he designed it thinking all are same. Or, maybe he designed it so long ago and forgot to update the software.

For me, the brain functions as a gate, or a protective safety net – which is not what I want.It always warns me before I want to do something. That is bad. Brain is negative all the time. It never encourages me.

Who wants to play it safe anyways?This brain warns me of consequences, risks, chances of failure… what not!At times, it acts as a fire extinguisher whenever I get this fire in my belly to write something or to do something extraordinary. Brain will warn me – “You are a teacher, what if you offend someone with your writing, and lose a student, and lose their fees? How are you going to pay the bills?.” Or “If you write whatever you feel like, what will be your reputation?” or “If I do so and so, what will my daughters and relatives think about me”… the list of questions this brain asks me is endless.

Now I clearly understand why Indians are considered to be brainy. We love to play it safe. Be it with sports, finance, education, career or relationships. And, we watch youtube to see how people who take risks in life do extraordinary things.

Listening to the brain is good for many, but not for me.I have always been very good at studies. Now I know it’s not because of my brain. No way!

Brain has got nothing to do with it.It’s because I loved it with all my heart – the school and college days. Never in my life thought of scoring good marks and get into a high paying job.

For that, I have to thank my non-interfering parents. They never asked me and my sister anything or forced me to do anything that we didn’t like.

I studied because I wanted to understand how things are falling in place on this planet. Not because I wanted to score good marks and get a nice job.I studied music to understand music, and not to be this great youtube star or to become a celebrity.

There is a difference between  the heart and the brain. I don’t know which is good and which is bad for others. But for me, heart is everything.Oh yeah… the brain is good for Bheja fry. I love Bheja fry or brain fry. What a dish! Yummy… 🙂

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