Fast And Ignorant

Going fast is really a good thing for some but it requires lots of concentration when one is running, driving, riding or while climbing the career ladder.

Some people think it’s a great thing to do everything fast. They are always in a hurry. Their full focus will be on one thing. I wonder whether they have noticed and took time to admire the flowers, and the small plants on their way to the airport to catch the next flight. Or, whether they got time to notice which all trees shed their leaves when seasons change. Or, which fruit is available in which season.

How are they going to sit there and admire the beauty of a full moon? When have they last seen a sunrise?Have they ever seen the beauty of newspaper delivery people sitting there in one corner and sorting out different newspapers and magazines for delivery?They are always busy.

Weekends more busy with running errands or home chores. Almost every day, I witness road rage. And the reasons are so silly. What will happen if they can get out of the house a little early for a meeting or a function? What will happen if a kid loses one year of school? What will happen if a youngster takes one or two years break from work and travel or learn something which they always wanted to learn?

When one drives or rides slow, he or she does not need that much concentration of a driver who is driving at 120kmph all the time.  He can talk, take time to listen to that new album he bought, he can see the birds and the trees…At times he can also witness some unfortunate accidents caused by the reckless driving by busy people.

I can easily see the inner strength and confidence of a calm person. To be calm is not easy. It requires will power and an aesthetic attitude…

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