Exiting Groups and Dieting

Exiting a WhatsApp group and dieting is similar in several ways.

Whatsapp groups are nice but not necessary. After the initial excitement, then all becomes boring seeing the same religious and motivational quotes, 2-3 min videos of some adventurous thing some westerners have done.

After a point, it becomes a distraction due to various reasons. Some people hide the mobile from their family members also. Then suddenly one day they realize and exit all the groups.

Same with gaining weight. 25-30 years ago, I have seen so many slim relatives or people on the road or in the office. Now it is so difficult to find skinny people who are above 23-25.

All are overweight- if they check their BMI. Oops! I mean, healthy. Not over weight.

Then suddenly they realize and they all want to reduce their weight.

After several attempts, and giving money to the gym management, and that Zumba instructor, they decide its okay to be little “curvy”.

And it will be written all over their face, and in their attitude

“This is me. Accept me the way I am. It’s my life, and I will eat and live the way I want”.

Oh yeah, what they won’t tell you is that, they had tried to diet, but failed. That’s life.

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