Chicky Maps

The advantage of not having a vehicle is, one will learn to walk again.

The advantage of not having a regular income job is, one can walk slowly because there is no meetings to attend, and no deadlines to meet.

Well, that comes with a price.

People tend to notice those who are walking slowly in this city which is moving at a fast pace. People feel free to ask the way to people who walk slow.

If showing the way is a social service, I should be the first in line for the next Noble Prize.

In a day, on an average, one or two people reach their desired destination because of me.

It all starts from 5:30 am – 6:00 am, when I go for my morning walk. It is actually for early morning cigarettes and Masala tea but I walk anyhow.

It is a time when young IT engineers get down from the bus which took them from their hometown to this city.

Sometimes they are accompanied by their parents.

Normally, parents will be holding a small piece of paper with the address of the place where they want to go.

I welcome them with my smiling face and the aroma of that early morning cigarette.

First, they will be reluctant to talk much but after few minutes, they will ask me about ‘everything’ in this city.

Youngsters are fun. Those yo yo types.

They will be holding a mobile phone bigger than their backpack.

Mobile phone with a shockproof cover, then one wire on their mobile connected to a battery charger, another one to their headphone…

So, this yo yo’s would come and ask me the way.

Then they would show me the address on their mobile display with tempered glass all broken.

After that, it’s time for me to go and have breakfast.

Then it’s time for people asking for some particular street, or company.

Then I go for my cigarette and tea again at 12:00 pm.

Then its time for the UBER eats, Zomato, Swiggy food delivery guys on two-wheelers to ask me the address, but this time with house numbers.

Weekends are super busy for me. Especially in the evening.

That is the time when youngsters dressed in their best clothes, and with some cheap perfume smell all over them, ask me the way. And my duty is to show the way correctly and guide them to that pub where their lover is waiting.

Five years of walking in this part of the city, reading every display boards while walking, and having all three meals from different restaurants daily can make anyone a qualified guide.

I think I can be very helpful to google also. There are places here that are difficult for their satellites to take photos.

For example, try searching for @*$# Beef stall, Ko——-la. Google cannot tell you. But I can. Simple. 😉

Now, try KFC. They will show you the list of every outlet in any part of the world!

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