Well, I don’t Know…

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I don’t know which is good…

Two things can happen when one faces troubles at an early age. It could be – not so good financial situation at home, a heartbreak, an abuse, a failure…

  • He/she will try to learn from it and they will be cautious and work hard to avoid those things from happening again.
  • He/she will try to get a confidence, and an attitude like ‘I have seen the worst. What worst can happen…’ and that person becomes kind of fearless.

Now, I am not an expert to tell which one is good.

I find the people in the group ‘one’ slightly insecure and that feeling makes them work hard and try not to take too many risks in life and hence, they stay at one place or on one job and eventually, they are financially secured in life.

The other group, the ‘second’ one, takes risks, change jobs or careers when he/she finds that it is not exciting anymore. I have also seen them fall in and out of love… because they cannot act as if everything is fine. They may not be rich but they are definitely experiencing and ‘living’ life.

Again, I am not an expert to tell which one is good.

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