ROI’s ROI’s!

Umm… there are so many things that I never really understood…

For example, I will hear the ringing of my mobile, even if I am sleeping. My phone battery never went out of charge while talking to anyone, I never forgot my phone or my students and friend’s birthday…

I always have time to speak to everyone who has called me. I have opened my doors to everyone who came home…

But, some people sleep early when I badly need them and they will never hear the ringing or the see my missed call till 11 am, the next day. Some of them won’t have enough charge in battery on the phone while speaking…

Strange…because I have been using a mobile phone since 1996. That’s 21 years…and not even once I missed any calls!

In case I am busy, I will text or call back… And everyone knows when I am busy and when I can be reached…

Okay, that’s not what I want to really want to write…

I want to write about ROI’s… Something that I will never understand!

Even after learning business, economics, and accounting… I never really understood ROI’s.

Once, long time ago… After a solid two-year relationship one person asked me, “what is the future? I cannot continue”.

She also told that she is wasted her two-year and that, she didn’t do anything for two years.

Umm… I understand her regret.

Years, days, hours are nothing for me. But, at the same time, I understand it’s so valuable for others.

Today, I feel that the ignorance about ROI is my biggest strength.

Coz’ the best time of my life is right now.

People are so scared of getting old… They ask, “if not now then when?”; About having sex, enjoying life, making money, spending time with kids etc…

And I never really understood this; like many other things.

Why so hurry?

If you believe in God and believe in heaven, why so worried about things on earth?

I mean, something better than this is waiting for us after we die, right?

Again, let me talk about ROI’s.

Never even think about it (ROI’s) while doing anything in life. Do your best and leave it is my policy.

If you calculate the money and benefits you are going to get in return… I don’t know. I have never done that

I have a reason to say this.

Why did I learn Commerce? Why did I practice guitar for more than 6 hours a day when I was 18? Why did I do a course on cattle farming? Why did I marry? Why did I have relationships? Why did I get kids? Why did I take up different jobs? Why did I keep in touch with my school friends even after 30 years?

The answer is “For nothing”… or, I really don’t have an answer…

But it’s paying me back today…

It’s difficult to explain with words… the other day, my teacher wrote to me, “I love you Mon (Son)”. What more do I need in life?

Who cares about ROI’s?

I am so lucky to be born in a family where we never discussed ROI’s or money or success related things.

When I see or hear about the worries and their reasons of my students about getting married, or getting one more kid, I laugh.

They are so worried about their career. Nothing else. All other reason they are giving does not make any sense to me because, as I am writing this, (today)… my bank balance is Rs.1117.80. not even $20!

And I am still standing!

“Whoever wants music instead of noise, joy instead of pleasure, soul instead of gold, creative work instead of business, passion instead of foolery, finds no home in this trivial world of ours” – Hermann Hesse

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