120 Sq ft Love

Nearly all my life, I have lived in rented places.

I cannot complain because I have always lived in the most happening part of the city.

Be it Thrissur, Kochi, Bangalore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Chennai or Doha.

I can’t imagine owning an apartment somewhere far away from the heart of the city. I can’t imagine a life where I cannot go out or no place to go and have a drink or a coffee after 10 pm.

Somehow, I always got a room on the top of the stairs also…from where I can see many things that a normal 44-year-old family man cannot see on a daily basis.

I always had a great relationship with my landlords too. Never had any kind of issues with them.

But this room is so special for me. I have spent four years of my life here. I plan to spend at least three more years in this room.

It’s just 120 sq ft.

After deducting the space taken by my furniture and musical instruments, the usable space is only roughly 70 sq ft.

In that space, I have to take class, sleep, record songs (Even for movies), write novels and blogs… what not?

So many people have had food sitting on the floor of this room.

If the walls could speak, they will have so many stories to tell about things happened in these four years inside this room.

This room saw me cry, cried a lot in the last 14 months… when I thought this is the end of my life. This room saw my happiness and depression. My struggles with alcohol and financial difficulties.

At the same time, this room showed me what little I need in life.

This room showed me many things; taught me many things.

The things that I never learned before, or thought that really existed…

I mop the floor every day. I hide the mattress before someone knocks on the door.

I hand wash my clothes and hang them for drying whenever I feel no one will be visiting…

All happens before 6 am in the morning.

Why am I writing all these?

8-9 years ago, someone asked me to write down everything. What all I do, what all I am going through…

I think what she meant was maybe it will be some nice rags to riches story kind of thing one day.

I don’t know…

But I do know that it will never happen in my case for one reason that, to make money or to get money, one will have to obey and please someone. It could be the boss, customers, society, spouse, parents…

And I am not programmed that way.

Or, the correct way to put it is, I am incapable of doing things that a normal sensible person can easily do.

Manufacturing defect. ;(

PS: I am not in touch with her today but I am sure she is reading all my posts.


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