Rockets and Satellites

I don’t know why I am thinking about Rockets and Satellites today.

Studying about a satellite is one of my favorite hobbies. I am fascinated by the way they just float and orbit.

I like both natural and artificial satellites. Oh! Yes, there are two types.

Natural satellites are everywhere.

They can be defined as a small body (At times, some kind of celestial body) which orbit around a large body.

Umm…How can I explain that?

You know these Large body and small body, right?

Come on, I am sure you have seen satellites around famous politicians, religious leaders, dictators, office managers, beautiful animals, and around a couple of “Khan’s” in the Bollywood.

Those are natural satellites. They don’t need anything to help them orbit. They are capable of doing it themselves using the charisma, gravitational pull and the atmospheric interference of a large body.

Still not clear?

Okay, look at the moon. Earth’s natural satellite, right?

Got it? that’s what I meant. 😉

Then, the other one. Artificial satellite. They have some specific heartfelt purpose.

They are useful and they can help in navigation, communication, atmospheric studies, weather forecasting, search, and rescue, etc.

The only problem with artificial satellite is that it has to go up and float without much atmospheric interference or gravitational pull.

Basically, they don’t have legs to walk like a natural satellite. So, they go up and look down and do their work.

Well, to go up, they need a thing called ‘rocket’.

I love rockets. Rockets are those cylindrical projectiles that can go to great heights with the help of some kind of fuel called ‘commitment’, ‘love’ and ‘care’.

Please don’t make me explain all that…

Anyway, for the benefit of the latecomers… rocket engines turn the fuel into the hot gas and push the gas out its back. The gas makes the rocket move forward… etc etc etc.

God! look who is talking about science! I am a zero in physics anyways. I know. Please don’t remind me… thanks 😉 …  I write only about relationships between two-legged creatures…

Well, for me, a rocket is everything.

I am personally grateful to four rockets who put me into orbit, whenever I hit the ground. They burn themselves to take me to great heights…

The beauty is, I am… at times, some kind of reusable satellite.

I can come down and hit the ground when my engines malfunction (every two-three years, my engines do fail), and one of those rockets come and propel me out of this so-called traditional, social and family atmospheric interference, and again put me into orbit.

Some say I am a blessed satellite. I don’t know… 🙂 . I am not that matured to know all that. All I know is, I am some kind of emotionally colour blind.

Having said that, I have also been a rocket for many.

Today, I see them up there and I am so happy that they did it, their way. I was just a vehicle to take them wherever they wanted to go…

So, never forget rockets. They are the reason why you and I are orbiting freely. We are, at the end of the day, some kind of artificial satellites. (Yes, I love artificial satellites, because, they have a purpose…)

And the rockets very well know that their job is only to put the satellites into the orbit.

Please… Respect our rockets. They burn themselves to put us in to the orbit and make us successful. Without them, we are nothing!



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