Ten Years…

10 years… I can’t believe this!

It’s been ten years since I have started writing down each and everything happening in my life.

It all started on 15/12/2006, 6:30 pm… Qatar time. It was a Friday.

I lost count of the small 100-pages notebooks I have bought so far…to write everything.

If you ask anyone I know, they would tell you about the long text messages and mails I had sent them…

No. A diary is not enough for the amount of experience I had!

It is so nice to write everything down whatever happened… on a daily basis and smile at my ‘mistakes’ and ‘pain’.

Well, no pain or mistakes okay… Just a carnival of failures, I guess.

Again, thanks for failing. If I had succeeded in something, then I would have got stuck to it forever and wouldn’t have tried different things.

I don’t want to change even a single thing that happened in these ten years because then the stories I write would have had a different touch. Who wants to be an ordinary 9am-5pm guy? What is there to write if everything going perfectly fine, and if there is only happiness all around?

Things that I noticed in these ten years are…

1) Human beings are capable of loving several people at the same time; with the same intensity.

2) One does not need that much money to be happy or satisfied. Because there is not even a single penny I have more today, than I had in 2006. Actually, in 2006 I was richer than what I am today; in monetary terms.

3) Love without jealousy is possible but there is nothing called unconditional love. Love is one thing that comes with so many conditions like loyalty, consistency, trust, and faithfulness.

4) I have drunk thousands of cans of beer and have smoked thousands of packs of cigarettes and I am still standing. I’ve drunk almost every day in the last ten years. 3650 days… leave 1500 days… even then? I’ve smoked an average of 10 cigarettes a day also. So, miracles do happen. (But, not good for health. So no one should try this)

5) The best way to die is to cancer. One gets enough time to prepare. Any day better than having a heart attack or death caused by an accident.

6) Looking after kids…not a rocket science. It is so simple. Just don’t stand in their way. Let them make some mistakes and waste some years. One can go back to college at 40 or 50, get a qualification and change their life.

7)I got a feeling that more than 99% of Indian marriage are like getting a government job. No much work and anyone hardly gets fired; even if they commit some mistakes. So, in that way, marriage is good for some, esp. those who love Job security.

8) Kids are not our property. We are just their caretakers till they hit 15 or 17. After that, it’s their life and there will be someone waiting for them and they are going to love them more than they love us.

9) Money makes us slaves. Blessed are the people with no money. They don’t have to please anyone to sustain it and no need to worry about losing a job, credit/debit card theft, demonetization, taxman, and traffic police.

10) One can really live without a real job, smartphone or home cooked meal.

11) The show will go on with or without me and you. We just get worried thinking what will happen to our loved ones if we are not around. Nothing really. They will learn to live without us. Oh yes, some people do feel themselves important if more people depend on them or report to them. Hence, they stick around for no real reason, I guess.


It will be a crime if I did not say this… Umm…Yes, I would like to thank one person… who motivated me to write stories.

Thank you… Bunny Rabbit 🙂 Wherever you are today, be happy. I am taking care of myself… I wanted to ask you… How was it for you… these ten years… But, you had told me to get lost…long time ago, remember? 😉

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