Take Care…


After going through many experiences, one acquires certain wisdom, I guess.

I have heard people saying, ‘only cowards commit suicide’.

I don’t think so. Only a strong brave person can say, ‘enough, I am not interested to live in this world anymore’.

It takes a lot of courage and strength to let go all the worldly pleasures and relations and go to an unknown place.

People here are scared of resigning a job without any other offer in hand. So, you think some ordinary person can

think of leaving this world without another tempting offer?

And these people who talk all these rubbish after someone dies, are the biggest cowards. If they had help him,

If they took time to listen to his problems instead of giving long lectures on think positive, go for yoga etc, they

could have saved him from committing suicide.

I have gone through all these. So, I know exactly how it feels before someone takes that step of killing himself.

All these people who talk big things, won’t be there when one is in need. I have experienced it several times. after going through a severe depression phase for nearly fours years, from 2009.

I saw my mentor take his life, ten years ago. I did not realize the seriousness at that time. Now I realize the struggle he was going through. I had spoken to him hours before he took that step. That day, he was in a hurry. He was not his usual self who would ask me many things…

He was a famous Charted Accountant. A half page article came in the “Gulf Daily News” about him. Bahrain’s most popular English Daily, after his death.

And yeah, I heard what people talked after his death also…

So today, I advise everyone, “never depend on anyone or even, yoga and meditation” No one will be there if you are in trouble. Get professional help immediately. To understand yoga and meditation, first get that right frame of mind ASAP with the help of medicines.

Don’t listen to the “Indian” doctors also. But, get the medicines. For that, you need their prescription.

Indian Doctors are, after all, a byproduct of  our so called great society. At times, I feel they think and talk keeping things in an Indian traditional perspective; whatever acceptable to Indians. They hardly think outside the box.

I know the difference because I have been with the best Indian doctors and the doctors who have worked internationally.

There is a difference in the way they approach things in the field of psychiatry. No doubt.

So, please… don’t even worry about the side effects of medicines. It is much better than living in this pain, this mental agony which no one else… other than you would understand.

Take Care!










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