Principles Of The Weak

Umm… I really don’t trust people who say that they have principles in life. It is so easy to catch a person with principles on the wrong foot. That is my experience. I don’t know about yours…

Well, I am no one to generalize okay. But, my own experiences show that their principals can change according to the circumstance. (Again, some call it ‘evolving’ as one grows older and wiser )

I started to notice this in 1999. Someone told me that she would leave her husband if he ever cheats on her. It’s a matter of principle it seems…

Well, her husband did cheat and she came to know about it… and she was like, “to err is human”!

If that was the case, then why unnecessarily talk about principles? There are many examples like this, okay.

Other example is, I met my bank manager and asked for a housing loan. That was 12-13 years ago. I had a good balance in my NRI account.

I asked him what are the formalities and what is that they want. He was like, “First thing we look for is the character, integrity, trustworthiness, etc etc”. I was too young then. He actually gave me a class on how an ordinary Indian man should be.

I think he might have seen me smoking standing in front of the bank, wearing this casual shirt and jeans… or else I don’t see a reason for him to take a class to me all these.

It’s a long story… Anyways, the next day, I went there and gave a letter to closed my account there and to transfer it to another branch…I found the staff and manager in that branch more friendly.

This bank manager came to know about this and when he saw me inside the bank, he spoke to me without showing much character or integrity… and I was like.. “What?!?!. It’s my wish… where I want to keep an account, right?” 

My point is if something affects one’s livelihood, the health of family members, or the health of an intimate relationship… one will definitely make adjustments to their principles. Believe me, I have seen it several times… Even a couple of months ago, what a highly educated, successful person did…

I don’t want to write each and every example because it is going to make many people unhappy. Already they are upset with many things I write… 🙂

In short, I trust people without any principles in life; those who are flexible in their beliefs…who are willing to accept and understand what it means to think outside the box.

End of the day, they won’t use these so called “Principles’ as an excuse…!

Trust people who don’t promise anything and with zero principles. When in need, they will be the first to come and ask you,”is there anything I can do to help you?”


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