It hurts…

Yes, it is indeed painful. This conflict with my heart and livelihood. I mean, being a teacher and a writer.

Teaching is my bread and butter. Umm… in my case, teaching is my fried rice and instant noodle because I basically live on that. My staple food.

I cannot be 100% myself when I write because it might affect my fried rice and instant noodles.

End of the day, I am a rock and roll guitar teacher who is forced to act as a church priest! As simple as that.

What are songs about? That great feeling of being loved, betrayal, heartbreak and pain, right?

Who are great songwriters? Who are great poets or storytellers?

Okay, forget about rock and roll. Here, in our small city, some people dress as if they are at a state dinner hosted by the president of USA and play classical music on Piano, Violin, and Guitar without really realizing the state these composers were in while writing those songs.

Please don’t get me wrong… I also play their music. I love them. At the same time, I have read about their life, relationships, and the story behind each song…

So, can I talk about the life and love of Mozart, Beethoven, or Paganini? Can I tell my students or their parents that Beethoven was nearly always in love?

Can I tell that Guitar God Eric Clapton was in love with his best friend George Harrison’s wife, and it was for her he wrote many hit songs, which my students love to learn?

Music or arts, they are a form of expression. Something that many forget… They are personal experiences or feelings. I don’t know how to explain…

If they don’t understand this, a student becomes a good operator of a particular instrument and not a creator of something in the long run.

I recently read an interview of #Arif Raja, the winner of the Kendra Sahitya Academy’s Yuva Puraskar.

He says, “literature will take birth from writer’s personal experience, the way she looks at things and how she responds. I don’t think a creative writer will look outside for inspiration”.

It’s really true.

Most of my students are having a ready-made Indian life. Their life is programmed and their future decided by their parents in the early stages and later on, by their spouse and his/her family.

They are not allowed to experience anything outside the wishes of these guardian angels and the traditional society.

I had asked one of my talented students to play in a band and this was his reply…

“Sir, band inu vendi play cheyyan pattuo ennu ariyilla… wife creates issues when I go for jamming with a few colleagues n return late…he he”.


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