I am not your X,Y, or Z Okay!

“Suno na”


“You write really well. Bindaas”.


“I am not your X, Y or Z, okay”


“How many Ex- GF’s you have?”

“Does it really matter? You only know about my life till I was 21. Many things have happened in the other 23 years”

“I am not your ‘Ex’ okay”

“Oh, that way… Fine. You are not. Happy?” 🙂

“I am your angel. I’ll save you from those culprits.”

“Yes, you are… my Angel.”  🙂

“One day I will read about me also in one of your posts because you filter everyone”


“Yes, you write about everyone. Why are you getting irritated for something that man told his wife?” (Seems like she read all my posts)

“Oh! Okay… Umm… Actually, I wrote about you also… but didn’t publish”

“What?…Fine,  I don’t care. You write. At least I can live in your pages even after my death”.

“Thanks” 🙂




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