I am glad it’s over :)

Umm… yes, I know that too. I have been little depressed and down since August.

It took me five months to get back on track. But, no regrets.

It all reflected in my writing too. Breaking up is not easy. Be it between family members, friends or lovers.

It was too much for me to take all that this time. I used to think I am too strong to get affected by a small break-up. I was wrong.

Anyways, it’s all past now. I have moved on. I don’t have a choice.No. No regrets. Good it all happened.

The moment when you are abandoned, someone else would come and lift you up.

They just come from out of nowhere and lend you a hand when you are really in trouble. I don’t know about you, but I have seen and experienced it all my life.

Nothing is the end of the world. The show must go on.

It is the nature of the Universe, I am sure…and I am back on Boogie Street.

I am happy now. Everything, back to normal. Happy stories from today.

Thank you, Natasha… God Bless.

That’s what fellow bloggers are here for…

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