Fruits Of Passion

I see this word ‘Passion’ everywhere nowadays.

In India, it’s a kind of misused word for infatuation, I guess. As simple as that. So, instead of infatuation, they say it’s their passion. They really don’t know the difference… honestly.

Real passion is something that, one would give up everything just to be with the ‘passion’.I have seen people who are really passionate about something and I have seen people who say they are passionate about something.

Ask a person who is really passionate about something… ask him to choose between his family and passion. Chances are, he might choose his passion.

That could be the real reason why most of the creative people have divorced once in their lifetime or, in and out of relationships.

I mean, it is really difficult to understand them. For them, their passion comes first; first on the priority list.

Ask them to take a one month vacation… they will never take because they are on a permanent vacation since the day they found out what they really want in life.

They are scared to take a break because they are so much in love with their ‘passion’.

It has nothing to do with money, status or success. it is love in the purest form.

Unfortunately, very few lucky ones can understand this phenomenon.

I never used to agree on theory before… I used to think hard work is everything to succeed…but today… I know that for sure … some people are born with these superior qualities than others… and it is very difficult to explain in words.

One has to experience it…

Why I wrote this is, most of my students want to ‘shut down’ and go for a vacation in Christmas / New year holidays… but. 2-3 of them are fighting with their families … just to practice and get better in their trade! A week or 2-3 days vacation is something that they cannot imagine.

People with real passion and those who really follow their heart, don’t need a vacation per se.

I used to have many posters on my bedroom walls when I was a teenager. In that, there was a poster of a motorbike with a caption… “What is life without some Passion”



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