Detached while attached

Too much attachment is the cause of all the problems. Some are so attached to their religion, family, money, social status, career,  mobile phones, vehicles, food, love, hatred, body, pets, kids, hometown, parents, and of course, the monthly salary (The worst addiction or attachment anyone could possibly have)

I see people my age suffering from issues caused due to too much attachment.

Attachment to anything is a kind of bondage. One becomes a slave (If I say without much sugar coating)

If we practice detachment in everything, then there is no need for meditation. Why do we meditate anyway? Meditation is a kind of detached state, right?

Detachment does not mean stop loving. It means we are prepared to live without love. If it’s there (love), it’s fine. If it’s not there, then also it’s fine. If money is there, it’s fine. If it’s not there, then also, it’s fine. 

Conquering the fear of losing is the first thing one should master.

Whenever I read about people who have made some substantial contribution to the world, I notice that they have no fear of losing (be it in love, career or family life) or death.

What would have happened if Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a normal lawyer and a great family man?

Someone like me feels he was not a great husband, father, or in accumulating wealth. He was slightly detached on all that. He had his crazy (as some might think) views on sex and celibacy also. But then, he could work freely for our freedom and he became the father of our Nation.

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