Chicky, you are not a teenager…

It’s been 22 years since my friends and relatives started reminding me that I am old.

Too old to take risks in life, old to learn new things, old to waste time, old to act as a teenager, and old to fall in love.

By falling in love, I meant, falling in love with a new hobby or person or whatever.

They have set a time and age for everything, it seems.

They don’t accept if a 40 something-year-old writes romantic novels. They don’t accept if you wanted to change your career at 50. They don’t accept if you wanted to go for a vacation alone after you are married.

No one really likes to see you slim and fit also. They will be like, ‘who do you think you are? Salman Khan or someone?’

Is there an age to learn something new? I don’t think so. 

Well, I am going to start to learn a new instrument from today. According to my calculation, it might take 2-3 years to learn to play that instrument decently; provided, if I can put solid two hours of practice daily.

I bought that instrument two months ago, but till now, I did not get time to practice.

Yeah, as always, I had other music grade exams.

Oh! That is another joke among my friends and relatives. They laugh saying, “Chicky is still studying for exams”.

I like exams. I like that pressure before the exam and that feeling of relief soon after the exam gets over.

Right now, I am over qualified for a guitar teacher. A Guitar teacher does not need this much qualification. No one in India is going to give me more than the standard rate per month the other teachers are charging.

Teaching music and making a real living teaching music is so tough. Everyone knows that.

I am a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors UK. I read one of their blogs and it says, ‘if you want to make money, go and become a banker or someone. Be a Guitar teacher only if you want to share your knowledge.’

That is true actually. Then, why am I doing this?

Umm… I know why. It gives me a lot of happiness.

Imagine a student walking into the class with no prior knowledge of how to even hold a guitar properly and then, after 12-18 months he/she come and sit in front of me and play a song they have composed…

That feeling is very difficult to express in words.

Some of my students are going to become rock stars. I could feel that when I see them play. I know that too.

But then, that is how it is. Who doesn’t know Satya Nadella? How many know the names of his school teachers?

Well, coming back to the topic of me getting old, I have to upgrade my skills all the time. There is always a scope for improvement.

There is no age for all these. It might not make you earn more or anything; most of the time.

But, knowledge is power. It gives you peace of mind and security which no amount of money in your bank account can give.

By the way, when have I had ₹25,000 in my bank account? Never! (This is not a news to my friends and relatives)

What is ₹25,000? Not even $370.

I am still standing. It is not a miracle. It’s all about fearless attitude.

I am not going home for Christmas, this time. The main reason is, I don’t have enough money and I cannot afford to take a break for a week at this point of time

I couldn’t take the class for a month regularly because I had exams. So no savings to celebrate Christmas.

That’s fine. I can utilize this one week to prepare for my next grade exam, practice and in preparing a new syllabus for my students.  

Anyway, I am happy 🙂

Umm…If you really want something, go and get it. Following one’s heart is not easy as it seems but nothing compares to that feeling of accomplishment.

Like I had written in some old blogs, you really don’t need a vacation if you are doing something that you love. No one really gets tired doing something they love.

People will talk. Kids will be upset if they don’t see you around. But, that is the price if you have to pay when you follow your dream. It is going to be a lonely affair if you want to be different.

Reminds me of poet, novelist, singer, songwriter Leonard Cohen…

He lost all his money at the age of 65 or 70… Whatever he had earned till that date.

Then, he wrote new songs and started performing and started earning again.

On 21st Oct 2016 he released a new album at the age of 82 and died on 7th Nov 2016.

I was thinking what would my friends and relatives do if something like this happens to them today? They would have committed suicide, perhaps.

No. Their parents or in-laws will rescue them.

Anyways why I am getting worried about that… their problem.

Wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

RIP Leonard…




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