Can I break that scale?

20 years ago, no one really spoke or cared about ratings or anything; be it books, restaurants or movies.

We hardly read reviews before watching a movie, going to a restaurant etc

Each one of us will have a different opinion after watching a movie.

Things have changed now. People don’t have time to watch a movie and decide whether it was good or not. Now they read the reviews first. Then, they will decide whether to watch it or not.

Even kids are talking about ratings and reviews.

I get really amused when they talk about Guitars and Keyboards, after reading the reviews on the net.

For them, rating matters. They just don’t have the time to go to a music store and try every guitar and choose whichever is best for their style of playing. They are okay to read the reviews and order it online.

That is how the world is and I should not complain.

Now time for a small story… this is my imagination. Not a real one 😉

One day, a lovely single lady invited me for dinner…

“Francis, taste the dal I made. It is not like your South Indian Sambar, okay. You guys add that tamarind water and that is what gives that taste. We just add all kinds of Dal and less turmeric.”

“Oh… that’s fine, this dal is so nice. Less spicy and tastes good. I like the jeera also.” (It was actually really tasty, I swear)

“There is roti and rice. You like rice, right”

“Ya, I like rice and dal”

“You know, my cook Nirmala… I really didn’t like her cooking. I give her a two on a scale of ten. But our old cook, she was really good. I can give seven out of ten for her Bisebela bath and five for her Chinese preparation”

She had a scale for everything, I thought. Because, whenever we spoke, she took her scale out…

Hmm… now after that evening, she would have given me an average of 4 on 10. I am sure

And the breakup would be like this…

1) Appreciating her food – 8/10

2) Telling her how beautiful she looked that night – 4/10

3) Talking about parents, friends, and relatives – 1/10

4) Washing the plates and cleaning the dining table after dinner – 10/10

5) Asking for water in between – 0/10

6) Talking about work – 1/10

7, 8, 9, and 10… I am not going to write because my daughters and relatives are already upset with me for not spending time with them on Christmas, and those points are going to make them really angry.

Yeah… they read all my posts.

Anyway, in my dream, I enjoyed the dinner and she is indeed a good cook. No doubt.

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