Bury Me

Smile, please smile

We both know that the end is near

But, I am only happy when you hate me

Bland expressions makes my heart unsettled


Now that I am gone,

Bring back that mesmerizing smile

I am back to my old color

Who can do it better than a Chameleon


Now you have a reason to smile

HE is coming to take me

The fruit of sin is death,

And I am ready my lord


We both know that I have lost

Lost the use of my heart and my soul

At least now, you should smile

HE is on your side and your curse worked


Along with the heart, I lost the courage

The courage to call you and ask.

No. I don’t need a second chance

All I want is a smile, my last wish


Who can kill a dead man?

Now, just bury me

Move on. Smile and move on

Let me rest in peace


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