Blessed Are The Lonely

I’ve always said this, solitude is the greatest blessing that anyone could have. Solitude is freedom. Freedom is everything. I mean, the freedom to sit alone and do whatever I like, without any disturbance from anyone.

Freedom is a life without any expectations. Freedom is a life without any deadlines.loner

For some, freedom means, doing whatever they like, and for some others, freedom means… not getting locked up inside a jail.

But for some, freedom is getting locked up inside a prison for years so that he can write or dream without really worrying about the worldly expectations.

When I look little further, I can see that many great people who wrote about love and life, never had a family of their own.

Many great leaders did not have a family. Jesus was a Freebird.

What is one thing in common between Abdul kalam, Mother Teresa, Ludwig Beethoven, and Florance Nightingale?


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