To cook or not to cook

Cooking is like making music. (Yes, for me, everything is either music or writing)

I don’t know how I learned to cook. But I started cooking for myself at 22. I have always been curious to know what all goes inside, to make a nice dish or how do they cook the incredibly simple yet perfectly cooked rice.

I remember that it took a while for me to get the rice perfectly cooked but it was rather easy for me to make a dish, which others found complicated.

There are so many decisive moments in life that changed my views on many things. Or, may I say, the moments that shook the foundation laid by the society which I automatically became a member, by birth.

One of them was an interview I read when I was very young.

It was an interview of a great guitarist. It was a three-page interview but two things that stuck to my heart were; when the interviewer asked this guitar hero about what all bands he listens to, he replied, “I don’t really listen to any band. Once in a while, I might listen to some classical Violin or Piano music”.

Today, I know exactly what he meant. He must be busy honing his skills rather than listening to other musicians and trying to do something which he is not going to use while making his own music.

The another question was about his playing speed and technique. For that, he answered, “I am able to play whatever I want to play or whatever I like to play”.

That was some kind of divine revelation for me… “Whatever I want to play”.

From that day, I stopped comparing and getting worried about what others are doing.

I soon went and started practicing whatever I wanted to play on Guitar. Not what was necessarily popular or a hit number but, whichever song I like, I learned to play.

Did same with cooking also. Whatever I loved to have, I learned to cook. I have shamelessly asked chefs and others how to make it in the beginning. Now, I can by taste figure out what all ingredients they have added to make that nice dish.

Again, it is just like music. After learning the scales and chords of several songs, any musician can figure out the things that went into making any song when he listens to it carefully. Be it Heavy Metal, Pop, Jazz, reggae, Carnatic, Hindustani or whatever the style is.

It is very important for everyone to learn how to cook.

Learning something very important as food, always helps. According to me, having the knowledge about cooking is very necessary to appreciate the beauty, freshness, aroma, uniqueness and most importantly, the creator of that dish.

For that, one does not have to be a Michelin star cook.

Same is with music. If you learn to play an instrument or to sing, then you listen to music in a different way altogether. You will appreciate it because you know what all went inside to make that song sound so sweet, exciting, sad or at times, angry.

So, my point is, learn to cook. Especially, boys. They must learn to cook. It is a prerequisite for “freedom”.

It hardly takes 15-20 days to learn whatever you like to have, regularly.

Imagine serving a dinner cooked by you to your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, and kids… wow…

Wait…. What is that smell?

Oh God… I forgot to turn off the burner after four whistles!!  No problem. This is how you make a perfectly burned ‘smoked channa masala’ for dinner. So simple you see… 🙁

Good Night  🙂

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