Pup and the Butterfly

I knew her parents before I met her. I was there in that garden when her family bought this house.

I knew his mother since the day she came and built a home in one of my branches. She died within weeks he was born.

I have seen him without wings, and later with wings which looked like two identically beautiful kites.

I never understood the language they used for communicating, but it was the most beautiful sight; watching them play near me, every evening.

As time passed, I saw them getting closer, and their love, deeper. I have witnessed love in the purest form, in their eyes.

Did she write the book of love? I often ask myself because I have seen him doing everything to please her.

One evening I saw her alone in the garden. I had seen him in that morning, crossing the fence and flying towards the lake near our house.

I wanted to ask her about him, but I couldn’t. I wanted to go near the lake and search for him but I couldn’t because by now, my roots had gone so deep inside the earth.

Months passed and there was no sign of him. I could see the sadness in her eyes.  She had become weak and pale in 8 months. I know because I calculate time with the change in seasons.

She stopped going home. She always sat near me, in my shade. She used to look at me a cry.

When it started raining, she fell sick. Even then, she refused to step out of the garden and go inside the house.

She sat there waiting for him.

One day, I woke up hearing her bark looking towards the fence, at the side of the lake.

When I looked, I saw him climbing down the fence and walking slowly towards her. I noticed that one of his wings were missing.

She could barely lift her head. He sat near her and they spoke in a strange language that only they understood. I could see him equally weak as she was but I saw that old sparkle in their eyes as the spoke.

That night it rained. I had never seen such a downpour so far in my life.

I saw her pulling him close to her.

Suddenly there was a thunder and lightning.

In the flash of lighting, I saw him whispering something in her ears.

That was the last time I saw both of them with eyes open.

Next day, I saw her parents digging a grave and burying her near to where I was standing.

I searched for him but could only see his wing on the top of her grave. The rain must have taken his body and buried it somewhere, in an unknown grave; The way he was before he had those wings.

I wonder what happened to him, where he was all these months, and what he had told her.

Only they both will know the answer for that and they are not here today to share it with the world. But whatever it was, I am sure about one thing… her unconditional love. I saw that in the glow of lightning when she pulled him close to her. She was smiling at that time even though there were tears in her eyes.

She knew it, no matter how many million years it takes, a butterfly cannot evolve and transform into her kind. Something even Darwin would also have agreed if I told him their story.

I hoped love would keep them alive. But…


PS: Full version of this story is not here. I know… Will post it some other time… :). Thanks!

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