Please waste some time… It helps

God! I got a big surprise when I logged into Skype today.

There was a picture of a cake with candles in front of my friend’s name to inform whoever in his contact, that it’s his birthday.

And I am such a fool because I wished him on a different date thinking that it was his birthday, and he had said “Thank you. Thanks for remembering” also!

Anyway, the truth is, I wished him on his actual birthday and the another date is the date his parents had given while taking his school admission.

Many of my relatives have got two birthdays.

The reason is, people are so worried about wasting time. What will happen if a kid loses 6 months? I never understood this. Nothing will happen.

Why is there are hurry in everything for us? I don’t know.

I think all these came from our old thinking (Which is very much prevalent even today), that before the bread winner of the family gets retired from his/her job, kids must be ready to look after the family.

So, losing 6 months or a year is unthinkable.

This early bird theory at times makes me annoyed when I see parents make kids do things which are not really necessary at their age.

Until age nine or ten, it’s the time for them to play and enjoy life without worrying about competition or anything. They just have to enjoy the process.

I started learning Guitar only at 16. No one asked me to learn how to play Guitar. No one bought me a Guitar initially. I was using a borrowed Guitar. Which eventually, my Dad broke by throwing it away when he saw me playing it all the time.

When I was 18, my mom took a loan of Rs.1000 from her brother by giving one of her gold chains as a collateral security, and I bought an electric guitar which I liked.

My point is, by 14-15, a kid will start to learn to listen to his / her ‘Heart’. The decision they take after listening to their heart will be the best and long lasting.

So, don’t worry about wasting time. (By wasting time I meant, by slowing down the ripening process)

People who have wasted time knows the value of wasting time. They won’t force their kids or anyone to do things in a hurry, for that matter.

None of my musician friends have forced their kids to learn anything when they were kids. Javed Akhtar never forced Farhan or his sister to do anything. Steve Jobs had wasted time in traveling and smoking weed.

That is perfectly alright.

Okay, coming back to my friend and his two birthdays…

He actually resigned his hi-fi job last year and he is not doing much right now, other than traveling, going to gym regularly, reading and playing guitar. He must be 38-years-old now.

I had met him recently and he told me, “Now I understand what you were saying. I am very happy now. Lack of income is a problem but, the happiness I experience now is amazing”.

Then I thought about his parents who gave a different date of birth to get an admission in school. If they had taken it slow, he might not have gotten tired of unwanted pressure.

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