I’m so sorry… (Song)

If your touch can make my heart skip a beat

If your lips can paint pictures on my face,

If your smell can make me wanting for it more

If your fingers can comb my hair like a star


Oh, honey, do you really take a bath, in a bucket,

A bucket full of milk Oh honey…are you really real


If your hands can do  the tango on my neck

If your feet can do magic on my toes

If your hug can stop me from going wild

If your skin can smell like a baby skin

Chorus (Repeat) plus…

Can I see you now to feel your love again

Can I see you now want to give my love tonight

Sweet vibrations when I think about our time

Do you remember the first time in your car

Was it love, was it love, made me kiss your lips

If I call you again would you feel the same

Chorus (Repeat) plus…

It’s all my fault why did I let you go

It’s all my fault why did I let you down

I am so sorry no words to explain

Yes I love, but its late… I know

You have moved on, saw you in his arms

But I’ll love you, that’s all I know

Chorus (repeat)


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