Born To Follow…


One of the main hurdles I face while teaching music is, how to teach kids and adults to be more creative.

I feel, we don’t give much importance to being original. We need marks to show. That’s all.

Getting knowledge is the last thing on our mind.

We need degrees and marks to get a job.

Recently, I got really upset with myself… Students are having this music grade exam from different UK Universities.

Most of the students want to skip musical knowledge questions which are of lesser marks compared to the marks of pieces (Songs) they have to play.

I mean, that’s what the teach in schools and entrance exam coaching centers’ I guess.

Sometimes, I hate my job. Music is my passion but these kinds of students really kills my passion and dedication towards my craft.

What they do right now is just trying to copy a song or something which is already been created by someone, and few around them would say, they are talented…

When I talk to parents, they don’t have a clue about what is creativity or what talent is.

It’s like, dumping everything on teachers. Their attitude is, “Then why are we paying you? You have to make our kid successful. Period!”

Anyone one can learn to play a popular classic rock song if they are can sit there and practice the same song for six months with some sheet music that is available. Where is talent in that? Where is creativity in that?

How can I explain creativity? It is really hard for me to explain. According to me, it is a freedom to do what you feel inside. One has to feel it. To feel it, one has to sit there and meditate on that subject for the day, months or sometimes, years.

It takes the time to create something new. Parents and society should give them space and time for others to be creative.

One of the most important thing or ingredient in creativity is space. Plenty of space.

Another thing is boredom. When one is bored with the existing things, he or she might think about creating something new.

If there is no enough space to dream and if one is so busy with a long “to-do” list every day, who will think about creating something new?

So, the society advises them to follow the current trend and not to waste time thinking about creating anything new. life-exam

At times, I feel, we are waiting to see something successful, so that we can follow it and make a living out of it by copying what they did to become successful.

One of my students told me that his son is interested only in Soccer. And my student is advising him to play Cricket because… “You know Mr.Francis, there are more opportunities in Cricket… and with this IPL and the number of matched been played, it would be good for his future if he plays Cricket”.

PS: 40% of my students are working or married and with kids. No, I am not talking behind their back. They know me very well; the way I talk or write 🙂

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