Oh those silly big fat roses…

They come into your life with promises and fragrance you think would last forever

They all talk the same language and use the same words

They will say that they are different than the other roses we have seen in our life

They demand love and dedication on the same day one meets them in the park or at the Church courtyard

Oh those silly fat roses

Beware, never rely on them. Never trust them. Wait for three years before promising them anything.

Chances are, before those three years, one will know who is real and who is not.

Oh those silly big fat roses

Why do they challenge big trees with long roots; who live for centuries for all to see and give shade to many?

Who remembers how many rose they plucked when they were four- years- old?

Who forgets a tree they have climbed when they were four-years-old?

Chances are, that tree is still there today… or in the form of a furniture in someones’ house.

Trees go leaving a scar in the hearts of people who have seen them.

Oh those silly big fat roses…

Why did you challenge those trees? Because I see those trees every day. Seen them since I could remember, but where are you today?

Oh those silly fat roses. Why can’t you go and challenge a plant or herb? Why those big trees? When will you learn?

Oh those silly big fat roses, when will you learn?

Seen roses from Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengal, Bahrain, Turkey, and Ukraine. But the strongest was the one I saw in a village in South India. That rose lived longer than any I know. But that rose was not so big. Maybe that could be the reason she could stay on the stem longer than the big fat ones.

Okay, but why am I thinking about this song now? I was talking about roses….

This song used to be my Dad’s favorite.

Wish he could come here today for five minutes from heaven and sit here… with music so loud, whiskey in hand…



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