Nice 35-40- year- old ‘boys’

I know plenty of  35 – 40- year- old ‘boys’, personally who still expect their parents to help / rescue them

I am with this actor who asked, “Why can’t men stand up for themselves?”. I like this actor because she came from a small town and won two National Awards. It’s cool.

Well, ‘men’? Where is a real self-made man here? How many men have the courage to say to the person he loves “Forget what our family and society think, I’ll take care of you”.

Can’t blame men because I have heard one of my close friends say, “He is not close to his parents, so I broke off with him”. Girls also play it safe, here in our country.

That is funny. Any self-made man has to burn some bridges in order to achieve his dreams or to swim against the tide. So, in the process, he might have to stay away from people who want him to play it safe. Nothing wrong in that.

Real men know to say “No” to the good and chase the excellent.

Recently I met a group of 21-year-olds girls. They also have this same attitude. Get a post-graduation degree. Get a nice job, get married to a nice ‘boy’ (Not MAN), then once everything is settled in life, follow their passion.

It does not work like that.

They say new generation kids are smarter. Well, I doubt it because I am constantly in touch with kids who are born after 2000. Same attitude and beliefs. The only difference is, they speak good English.

Other than that, they have no clue about what do in their life. They know nothing other than Engineering or Medical studies. They don’t know the names of the Ministers in the state they live…

Okay, back to my point… long ago, one married lady got really close to me. She used to share everything with me. Like, what happens at her workplace, home etc.

Her husband was annoyed seeing her getting a close male friend. One of the question he asked to prove that I am not a good person is, “Why am I not staying with my parents?”

He just doesn’t understand that I am man enough to feed my wife and kids alone without the help of my parents.

Well about the 21-year-old girls… hearing the story, one lady told me that she took a big step when she was 21 to marry an inconsistent, unreliable “man”, with no real income, not close to his parents (as per the society and his and her relatives) and with a reputation of having many girlfriends in the past!

And hearing the story, last week, a close friend of mine told me that she also don’t want her son to live in her house after he is 18. But, she is okay to give him some money to survive and take care of himself!!

That night I was thinking about my friend’s son… How is he going to experience life and freedom if my dear friend is going to watch and back him when he is in trouble… According to me, he has to face  failure, rejection, and heartbreaks. She should never interfere in all that.

When will he become a ‘Man’? I don’t know…


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