Anyone simple and not so ambitious here?

When can I meet some simple, no strings attached free birds?

Two months ago..

“Good Morning Suresh Chetta…”

“Oh, Hi Mr. Francis, when did you come?”

“This morning”, I smiled.

“Where do you stay in Bangalore?”


“I was there in Bangalore for a couple of days. My daughter had an interview at a company in K.R.Puram”

“Oh I see. Which company”

“——, a big company”

“Oh ya, I’ve heard about that company. Is their office in that ‘Infinity’ thing?”

“Yes. They gave a huge package… something we cannot dream off, for a fresher”

“Good”, I said and smiled (My thoughts went to infinity building. I had been there once on an Onam day wearing our mallu traditional mundu. It was in 2009. Had gone to meet someone I used to know…)

“Mr. Francis, we can never expect that kind of package for a beginner”

I smiled again, looking at this proud ordinary father. His daughter was a 12-year-old kid when I bought this small apartment in that building. Now she is all grown up and made her father, who works in a private firm in Cochin, so proud.

“Mr. Francis, she is so happy”

“Okay… great”

“I was there sitting in that mall, while her interview was going on. It almost took one day, but she cleared it”

“Great”, I again smiled. But he didn’t want to leave me. I could feel it. He wanted to tell me her yearly package. Am I being me, not going to ask him how much she is going to get. What the hell do I care about how much others earn! I don’t know how much wife earns or how much my sister earns. I don’t know how much my neighbors earn, or other guitar teachers earn. I don’t know how much my Ex- girlfriends . Just examples… Why are people like this? Is money and earning well, everything in life?

“Mr. Francis, she got a package of yearly nine lakhs! Something we can’t even dream.”

“Oh great, my call taxi is here. Bye Suresh Chetta…”

One month ago…

I got a call from my close friend of mine and I could not pick it because most of the time my mobile phone is on silent mode…

So I called him.


“Hello Chicky, where are you?” (Close friends and family members call me Chicky)

“Hi, I am walking towards my studio”

“I had called you. You did not pick the call.”

“Hey, sorry… it was on silent. How are you? How come you called?”

“I was near your house. So thought of meeting you”

“Oh… that’s okay. We can meet anytime. Your office is nearby my place, right?”

“Yes, but I am planning to shift my business to Banaswadi.”

“What happened suddenly?”

“I bought a house there”

“Okay, That’s great.”

“I saw this place and liked it”


“It’s an independent house”


“Some open space and three bedrooms.”


“ Nice locality. School and everything nearby”

“Cool. Hey —, I have to go now. Getting a call. Will call you after some time. Bye”

“Bye? You are always busy Chicky”

“Ya… students are waiting, will call later da“, I smiled and disconnected the phone

This time, I was smart enough to escape before he gets the satisfaction of explaining how much he paid for it….


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