Thank you Tata AiG, SBI Cards, Westside… :)

Rachel Francis : Hello daaadddyyyy, who all wished you today?

ChickyFrancis : Umm… a couple of students and Kavita Aunty. Who else is there to wish? Getting old. I know.

Rachel Francis : What about your other friends.

Chicky Francis : Hmm…

Rachel Francis: But, many have wished you on WhatsApp. What is the use. You can’t see, You don’t have WhatsApp.                                                 So, we replied all.

Chicky Francis : Hmm…

Rachel Francis : Wait, Mummy wants to speak to you

Chicky Francis : Hmm…

Smitha Francis : What did you have for dinner? What did you do today birthday boy?

Chicky Francis : Nothing. I had lunch at 5:30pm only, so not hungry now. Bengali biryani. It was nice. They put potatoes in chicken                                Biryani you know… so delicious…

Smitha Francis : What were you doing till then?

Chicky Francis : I had breakfast very late… Had Upma, and idly. Then, I:00pm I drank beer and whisssss….

(Before I could finish)

Smitha Francis : What?? this is the reason why you are not keeping well. I will have to take you to that psychiatrist and get                                        medicines. Do you want to go through all that again? This is not right. Take care… or else, you will suffer.                                          Why are you doing this to yourself?

Chicky Francis : Oh God! Started. Leave it. You know, I was telling Rachu that not many people are wishing me now. Getting old.

Smitha Francis : What wrong with you both? So many people wished you.

Chicky Francis : Ya, she told me. Your relatives who remember me only on my Birthday.

Smitha Francis : Don’t blame my relatives. why can’t you say hi to them once in a while? Well, it’s not only them. I think this was                                the first birthday you got so many wishes. TATA AiG, Federal bank, HDFC Mutual fund, LIC, Croma, Reliance                                  Digital / Trends, Westside, SBi Cards, and Big Bazar wished you. Be happy. Cheer up mister.

Chicky Francis : Wow… Really? 🙂 🙂 🙂 . So happy. You should have told me this in the morning. I was feeling so low thinking that                               everyone forgot I am still alive. Hey, I want to thank them. What shall I do?

Smitha Francis : That we will figure out before 12. It’s already 10:45. Have dinner first.

Chicky Francis : Yes yes. I will have it now. So happy :). Okay. Bye…


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