Yes, table for three please…

I like many female writers. In fact, in India, we have got more female writers than male writers who are really bold and write about sexuality and relationships.

Read a blog by Madhuri Banerjee on polyamorous relationships. Really interesting. Something I have been thinking since I saw movies like Vickey, Cristina, Barcelona.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” - Benjamin Franklin

I have a feeling that the Indian male writers are scared and are trying to please their in-laws 🙂 and parents who have helped them financially. Oh yes. I know a lot of boys (not real men) who try hard to please their in-laws and parents because of various reason. The main thing, financial help and their in-laws might be looking after their small kids.

I never understood this… what is wrong with talking about sex without the fear of being judged? It is, after all, a human need, like food shelter and clothing, right?

In fact, many educated and successful people have spoken to me about their dark fantasies, including their thoughts on having a threesome or polyamorous relationships.They have also told me not to write anything about all these.

I salute writers like Madhuri Banerjee, Shinny Antony, Jayshree Mishra and all. They have the courage to write about all these.

I have already ordered this new book called “The Pleasure Principal”. Hope it will reach by tomorrow…

A world classic literature or movies are not about people who lead a decent life and “act” to please the Indian society.(Yes, I do know personally, many talented actors… 🙂 . But our society is like that. They like actors.







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