Maybe I’m a Leo…

Ever felt happy when something ends? A feeling of relief and joy?

Imagine that feeling of waking up in the middle of the night, scared and frightened after seeing a bad dream… And when you wake up, you find everything is there and nothing has gone bad… I am exactly in that state.

I ‘ve never felt so happy in the 2-3 years 🙂 . Offloaded some excess baggage last week. Life is really good now. All positive. All positive.

I can be myself  again. I love to have a drink, watch a movie, read, write and walk naked inside the house 🙂 (If religious leaders in India can walk naked in public, why can’t I walk naked inside my house)original-bob-dylan-quote-jpg-7d861a6e

I never wanted to be in any rat race.  I love beautiful things. Everything should look beautiful, even if it is not very user-friendly.  I like perfumes and lamp shades.

I take plenty of time to take a decision. I am okay to waste 5-10 years doing nothing. For example, it’s been five years since I started thinking about buying a smartphone.

I have spent many evenings drinking and thinking about which phone to buy. Every year, I need minimum ₹40000 just for drinks and cigarettes. I mean, by now, I could have easily bought a smartphone with that money! So, it’s not that I don’t have money. It’s just that, I take a lot of time to make a decision.

From all these details, can you guess my zodiac sign? Well, many people can. I know.

Umm…about the title of this blog, it’s a song by one of my favourite bands, Deep Purple.

There is something in the stars. I got fascinated about zodiac signs when I was 17. That was in 1990. 26 years ago.

After reading and observing for 26 years, today I can easily identify four signs out of twelve.

Most people I have met and got close to, are Leo’s. ( I am sure my teacher will read this blog and laugh 🙂 ). At times I joke saying that my life is infested with Leo’s. No offenses please 🙂 . Leo’s are great and successful. They think their kids are the best in the world 🙂 . Many billionaires in the world are Leo’s, and Leo proves to be the star sign most likely to succeed in business, according to many studies. They are fun to be with. They can make fun of others and no one should feel anything bad, but the moment someone makes fun of their ways… it will be the start of another world war!

People might say that there is nothing similar and all these talks about zodiac signs are rubbish etc.

But then, how could I predict the zodiac signs of five people recently?

There is something in the stars. It has got nothing to do with the upbringing, experiences or family background. I don’t know how to explain… but I could sense it when I spend time with some people or when I walk into their house… by looking at the furniture, books, the kind of music they listen to, the way they talk about money,family, career etc.

One Zodiac sign I could never figure out is Virgo. My Dad, Wife, Daughter, Mother-in-law, Uncle and three close friends are Virgos. Even then, if I talk and spend time with a Virgo, I cannot tell if that person is Virgo or not.

They are less fuzzy people in general.  They are not really affected by anything outside their house or comfort zone. They are neither too attached nor detached.

But read an article about Virgo’s, and the headline was…

“Virgos suffering ‘astrological discrimination’ in China” …  🙂

After reading and studying about Zodiac signs, I know that there are no good signs or bad signs. Why I am writing this is because I have heard people saying, “I don’t like Libra or I don’t like Pisces etc”.

Personal opinions cannot be generalized. All I know is, each star got their own survival tactics. That’s all.


Something not good for one does not mean it is not good for others. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. One man’s loss is another man’s profit. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor 😉

And yes, compatibility is something I have noticed. I have many friends who got the Zodiac sign Cancer. We always had different approaches to money, careers, friendships, family relationships, and goals. So we argue a lot on all these matters.

Umm… read somewhere that Pieces is the only sign that a Scorpio cannot manipulate. (I have got many Scorpio students. Umm… Are they manipulating… because I am not a Piscean)

I think, there is a reason why Mahatma Gandhi or John Lennon spoke so much about peace, non-violence, and harmony. They don’t believe in physical fights and bloodshed. But they always had a knack to test the patience of others by lengthy arguments and civil disobedience. I am also not surprised that Gandhi wrote a book called “The story of my experiments with the truth”. Most Libra’s go through many experiences and they put themselves in some silly situations; all in the name of having new experiences.

I read something about my Zodiac sign. It says that we are prone to back pain and we like oral sex and 69!! Phew. Not true. Not true 😉

Okay, enough about zodiac signs for now. Let me go and watch a movie… and I am really happy that a nightmare is over! Back to life, back to reality. Which is, go out, have a drink, read, write and sleep (alone).

PS: Bob Dylan is Gemini

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