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We haven’t really changed since ancient times… I have always told this.

We are still that 3rd world, lower-middle income country with a lower attitude and outlook. Mexico, China, and Brazil are upper-middle income, as on 2016.

Our headlines are like… ‘so and so smashed his/her luxury car or hi-end bike worth — !

What is the big deal? A car is a car. One should be worried about the safety of the passengers first and not how much the car or bike worth.

People are jealous. Nothing else. Or else, why are they so worried about how much a vehicle costs?

Who told Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes Benz or a Ferrari should not have accidents?

Reminds me of something happened in Bahrain on July 28th, 1997. I was 24 years old then.

I took my managers company given Mercedes to go home and have lunch. What happened was, the car I was driving hit another car. Both cars were badly damaged.

Hearing the news, my beloved Indian colleagues started talking about the cost of the Mercedes Benz and how irresponsible I was!

But our company director who was an Arab, called me to check whether I am safe. He also told me that he would arrange another car, till the Mercedes get repaired.

He also told me not to worry because the insurance company will take care of the repairing cost.

What is the big deal in all these my journalists? Why waste energy on writing how much a car worth? Why can’t you check if everyone is safe and no injuries?

Jealous right? Admit it!

Anyway, we are lower- middle-income class (no matter how proud some Indian IT professionals / cyber-coolies thinks). So, for us a car is more important than human life .

Are you jealous Mr. Journalist because you could not give your wife even a ₹50,000 gift on her birthday? Its time to grow up. What is wrong in MLA’s wife hitting an auto with her 5 crore Lamborghini, which her husband gifted her?  No one does it intentionally. That is why it is called and accident.

Stop wasting time on silly things. Worry about China’s plans to sell submarines and ammunitions to our enemy.

Get a life!


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