Exit Interview!

Oh no… 😉

I am not going to talk about those interviews that happen in the corporate world.

I only talk about life and relationships.

Nowadays, at the end of every relationship, one gets a report, and fortunately or unfortunately, I have got many till date.

In fact, I got two in last two days!

One was from my wife… 🙂 . Among many other things, She asked me, ” You write so many things about relationships. Why can’t you come and stay with kids?”. Actually, she has got a point. But imagine me staying with two daughters, like a normal 9-5 father 🙁 . They don’t need me 24/7. They are okay with their life. Why should I go and spoil their freedom and my freedom?

In any case, contrary to popular belief, reality is, daughters are not going to leave you. Daughters will be always around. Even after their marriage.

You don’t believe? Well, go and check in any apartment in Bangalore after 10am. Chances are, you might find old retired people looking after their daughter’s kids. I have gone to many apartments to take classes and seen plenty of grandparents.

In general, Boys would get married and get close to their wife and her relatives. Including me. I actually ask my mother in law to be with my daughters. Not my mother. My mother is busy with my sister and her life!

So, why should I worry? What am I going to miss?

Anyway, we came to an agreement that my wife can leave me in March, and I will go and look after my daughters. So I’ll be looking after kids and she will be taking care of all the income part. Woman empowerment. Cool. Why not? I looked after the needs for 17 years. Let her take that responsibility for the next 17 years 🙂

Okay, coming back to the report part, the other person who gave a report… had actually asked me not to include that person’s name in whatever I write.

An exit interview and report normally starts with many bad things and ends with some good things, which the other person gained from knowing someone. Some are really nice and kind . All depends on how much they are going to lose personally and professionally, in case of a fight, I guess… 🙂

One I got today started with many bad things and then went on to…” Let me not sound only bitter…”, “ you are great in that, great in this etc”

Two years ago, I asked many people about this exit interview. One person gave a nice intelligent answer.

But today, the same person gave so many ‘not’ so intelligent report.

Another thing I have noticed is, how people buy time. I mean, if they want to go away, why can’t they say it clearly?

Some say, “I need 1 year to make my things straight”. Others say “I need 2 years”. And some say, “I need 10 years”.

Oh yes, some told me they need 10 years to do many things… And that 10 years ends on December this year 🙂 . Hope they have straightened everything.

A couple of things to remember here, to survive that report is to understand small things like…

  1. Whatever people say, money can “sometimes” buy love and happiness and  love will not grow if there is no food on the table.

2. End of the day, people do care about social status, financial security, an easy life, they do judge and compare. Even if they say they don’t. Love, passion, following the heart or one’s dream etc, will come after all these. In general. Yes, there are exceptions… I am aware of that.

Kids are compared, height and weight are compared, marks are compared, beauty is compared, statistics are compared, balance sheets are compared… the list is endless.

3. Never promise anything or do anything to impress. Fewer expectations, better chances of survival.

How do I know? Long story… some other time 🙂

God bless all those who give the final analysis report!


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