Birds with same feather…

There are free birds and pet birds.

Freebirds are born free.

Not by family circumstances or anything, per se.

If family circumstances are the reason, then their brothers and sisters must have been free birds, right? I don’t really see that. Don’t know why.

Actually, no real explanation for why there are so many pet birds and very few free birds around.

I personally know many free birds. They are intelligent and talented. There is a difference in their confidence and outlook towards life.

They really don’t buy the “do’s and don’t” rules what tradition or society impose.

Pet birds are really cool. They are loved by many. Someone will take care of their food, clothing and shelter needs, even if they don’t work hard for a that. In general.

Some pet birds may go and try to be a free bird or, play with free birds for some time, but sooner or later, they would feel it’s safe and sensible to be inside that cage, their protective shelter than to fly like an eagle.

The decisions of free birds are mostly impulsive and without worrying about what others feel.

Somewhere, I trust them more than pet birds because, in an emergency or in need, the free birds will be there for you. They won’t give any excuse. In general…

Right now, I am close to four free birds like that. I think their contact number is “Social service helpline” because, whenever a pet bird wants to shift house or want to get some job done, they call free birds.

Some say a sheltered family is life is the best thing. A Huge percentage are pet birds anyway. They play it safe. Hence, mostly successful.

For free birds, it’s either hit or miss situation.


Let the pet birds be pet birds. Avoid adventure and long distance flights. Pet birds will get tired if they try to fly like free birds.

Let the free birds be free birds. Avoid suburbs and lamp posts. Don’t go to the cities, they may catch you and make you like pet birds.

Recent studies show that free birds have more ‘fulfilling life than pet birds’! I don’t know how. 😉

But I know what this ABBA song is all about…


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