Tom Cat, Nivin Pauly and Woh…

Chicky Francis : “You know what? LSD makes the brain more ‘complete’, scientists have claimed. It’s in the newspaper.”

Smitha Francis : “SO? They will claim many things. They don’t have any other work. But, you don’t have to follow that.”

Chicky Francis: “You see… my brain will be complete if I do drugs. Isn’t that great?”

Smitha Francis : “Your brain is already overgrown. Do they have a remedy for that? Some reduction in size would help you in the long run.”

Chicky Francis: “What do you know about an artist and his creative life? All you know is to shout at me and kids for not switching off the light and fan when we go out of the room.”

Smitha Francis: “Ya… only I know how difficult it is to manage the bills, your eccentric ways, your two crazy kids, and my beloved mother. Look at your elder daughter. She is still in bed. It’s already 8am. How is she going to look after her husband and kids when she gets married?”

Chicky Francis: “Ma’am, she is only 14. Let her enjoy her summer holidays. But, look at Isu (Hazel). She wakes up early, right? Good girl.”

Smitha Francis : “Yes yes. She gets up early to feed her bloody Tom Cat in my mobile!”

Chicky Francis: “Tom Cat in your mobile?”

Smitha Francis: “It’s a game.”

Rachel Francis : “Mom, what is LSD?”

Smitha Francis: “Aana mutta!! (Elephants egg). Give breakfast to your sister!”

Rachel Francis: “Okay, calm down. What’s wrong with you today? Where is my tea?”

Smitha Francis: “Go and make if you want. I cannot make tea for people who wake up late.”

Hazel Francis: “Daddy, mummy is not allowing me to play with Tom Cat.”

Smitha Francis: “No. Don’t touch my phone. You changed the settings twice yesterday.”

Hazel Francis: “Daddy, I don’t like mummy. Let Rachu chechi (Sister), mummy and Ammachi (Grandma) stay here. I will come to Bangalore and stay with you.”

Smitha Francis: “Yes. That is better. Please GO.”

Chicky Francis: “Let her play… She is a small kid.”

Smitha Francis: “You are spoiling the kids. They don’t know what discipline in life is!”

Rachel Francis: “Daddy, my friends told me that Nivin Pauly’s new movie is really good. Can we go and watch?”

Chicky Francis: “Yes, sure. I will take you next week.”

Girly Ammachi: “Smitha… I have to go to Fort Cochin. There is a meeting in the church… and… I have to collect this month’s pension from the treasury… I have also asked our maid Jalaja to come and clean our Fort Cochin house…”

Smitha Francis: “You can go there tomorrow Ammachi. I am busy today because there is a summer camp going on in our school. Tomorrow, I am planning to take a day off.”

Girly Ammachi: “I will be back by 2pm…”

Smitha Francis: “GOOOO…!!”

Rachel Francis: “Daddy, mom is getting violent. Is she mad? But, she looks beautiful when she gets angry 😉 ”

Smitha Francis: “Yes, you four have made me mad.”

Rachel Francis: “Cool. Take it easy mom. Ammachi, bring chicken puffs and Sprite when you come back from Fort Cochin. Or, if you get time, buy Kaayikka’s Mutton Biryani.”

Hazel Francis: “Ammachiiii, I want Kinder Joy and Dairy Milk.”

Chicky Francis: “Ammachi, say ‘hi’ to Jalaja.”

Smitha Francis: “WHAT?!?!”

Chicky Francis: ” Oops! Nothing. Hey Rachu, you wanted me to fill the air in your cycle tire, right? Come, let us go (escape)…”





  1. Rejeesh

    Hahaaaa funny conversation and I can imagine how much you would have had enjoyed the whole conversation …

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