Me and Miss universe

I always talk to the universe.

This is how it goes. I ask and she never replies immediately.

Our conversations are seldom about what all I want in my life, but mostly about why people are unhappy, why they want more and more in life, why some places there are poverty and violence and why in others, peace and harmony.

I always ask if there is a person or a government who controls the universe? If so, then what is it that they want in return? Are they elected democratically to rule the universe? Is there anyone paying taxes to run their government? Who are all there in their administrative department?

I ask, is there a problem with me because I really don’t face any kind of issues in my life. Life is great.

Am I not human? I never understood what jealousy is or what struggles in life means. I never wanted something so badly in my life as they say.

Many people have come and gone in my life. So what? It was all an opportunity to learn and experience new things, as far as I am concerned. But that seems not to be the case with many others. They become miserable when someone hates them, even worse, when someone dies.

Is it really possible to please everyone? Is it really possible to stop death?

If it is not possible, then why worry about all these?

Same is the case with money. Neither have I felt sad when I went bankrupt nor happy when I made money. And sad when I lost it all, again. How come?

Moreover, I ask her, what is Karma?

If one gets blessed or punished for his karma here on earth, then why do they say there is a heaven and a hell? Why did they waste valuable space by unnecessarily creating a hell?

I am agnostic. Is the universe going to punish me for that? Why? Is the person who controls everything a dictator?

Why should I go out of my way to please everyone? Why should I obey the rules of the universe? Who made these rules or are there any?

However, Miss Universe takes her own sweet time to answer my questions. Sometimes several months. sometimes years. Sometimes, even decades.

But I am happier than many I know.

All I wish is that the universe could reply to my questions a little faster.

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