Hello Silence, my old friend…

Some say silence speaks louder than words. Some say silence can be a sign of wisdom. Some say it can also be a sign of fear.
Silence can be interpreted in many ways because most of the time people don’t have a clue about what we are actually thinking.
Even though I strongly believe in the ability of human beings to communicate to each other is a God-given gift, I also go into a silent or mute mode, when provoked or insulted.
I use silence a lot in day to day life.

By now I have realized that it takes a lot of courage to stay calm and silent when someone else is provoking or insulting us.
Of course, we might feel the need to shout at someone in such a situation but it will only make it worse.
So the best thing is to stay silent, smile and walk away.
Another reason why I stay silent is, I don’t want to give the other person the pleasure of knowing that they hurt me with their words. If I react, they will only want to do it over and again.
So silence or not responding to an insult is the best way to deal with such situation. It can also give a message that the other person is so insignificant for us and we really don’t care who they are, to take offence at their insult.

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