We haven’t changed, since ancient times…

Really sick and tired of reading what tolerance is!

In reality, are we, the citizens of this country really tolerant in any way? We also have a problem with many things. We are also teaching our kids many silly stupid things in the name of tradition and culture.

Our kids grow up with old obsolete beliefs and with zero tolerance towards others.

Why can’t we tell our kids, ”We don’t cook beef or pork here, but it is okay for others to have it at their house or in a restaurant if they wish” or “We believe in God but there are others who don’t believe in God and it is perfectly alright to be that way. There is no problem in that because that is what they believe and it is their life”….or why can’t we teach our kids that some people are homosexuals? They are in no way inferior to a straight person! Their sexual preference is different. That’s all”.

Ellen DeGeneres , Ricky Martin, Elton John, George Micheal, Martina Navratilova , Giorgio Armani, Tracy Chapman, Mellissa Etheridge, Prime Minister of Luxembourg…….. are all homosexuals! So what?

Why we can’t give our flat for rent for a couple living together without marrying or what is our problem if girls wear miniskirts or what is our problem if couples kiss in a café or what is our problem if someone draws a cartoon or a painting about a Saint or a Lord?

Actually, we are the one who teach our kids how to discriminate, right from a young age. No one else!

Then how can we expect them to be a very open-minded when they grow up?

If we have a problem with our Politicians, Police force, Teachers and Government workers, then why can’t we all tell our kids to become a Politician or a Policeman; since they are 10 years old?

Why we want them to do Engineering and work in IT Co? Why can’t they take Political Science or Economics or, do Literature?

Seems like those are for kids who did not get a good score in their 12th board exams!

Now a day’s, I don’t see any parent telling their kids to become a policeman, teacher or a Politician when they grow up. They think all those jobs are for underprivileged kids who don’t have money to go to engineering or medical college.

Again, it is in our culture to sit in the gallery and criticise the players who are out there in the sun; trying their best to win the match.

Now we have one more new addition to our culture. i e uploading the video clips on facebook, of things people from some western country did or paste the link of motivational quotes written by some westerners . And there are many people to “like” it and say “wow”.

Don’t forget, these westerners …..they are able to do extraordinary things because they are not stubborn in their beliefs and culture. They are okay to share a space with homosexuals or an atheist. They are okay with experimenting new things in life. They are okay with failures in life.

There is no tolerance in our heart.

Yes, one might not support a beef ban but he could be against gay marriage and many other things. Then, what is the point in just protesting against a beef ban?

We don’t know to apply live and let live policy. Nothing has changed since ancient times.

What are we teaching our kids anyway? What nice message of tolerance are we handing over to the new generation?


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