Old age and extra coated double cheese diplomacy

Why should anyone worry about getting old? There is really no need for that. I know from experience.

Getting old is great.

I feel free to express myself today than any time I could have in my life. There is no pressure to impress anyone. Be it at the work place, relationships or in society. I have passed that stage of my life. Not only me, it happens to everyone, I am sure.

Now life is fun. No need to pretend, soap, butter, impress, promise or expect (and later, regret).  No bone of diplomacy in my body. I think that I became my natural self now…

Till 40, I was acting and trying to become someone else.

By getting old and after going through a lot of experiences, one would realize that life is not that complicated and tough as it seems. A long time ago, when someone said goodbye to me, I cried and begged and asked that person to stay. Now if someone says goodbye and want to leave me, I would ask “can I book a cab for you. Do you want me to help pack your stuff”? That’s all.

One problem I am facing nowadays is, I get really amused when young people try to act nice and when they use much sugar coated words for that. There was no need for us when we were young.

For example….. I had gone to a shop to buy a dress for my daughter. I told the salesman that she is a little fat so it is hard for me to get the correct size. Immediately the salesman told me “Sir, she is ‘Healthy’. That’s all”. I was like……oh yeah…she is healthy.

I was talking to a person dealing with wallpapers. He seems to get annoyed, each time I said wallpaper. When I say wallpaper, he would reply “yes Sir, this wall covering is ____”. Nowadays, wallpaper is wall covering!!

(So….do they call carpet, Floor covering??)

I was talking to a director of a company dealing with artificial grass. When I told artificial grass, he corrected me saying it is called ‘Synthetic Grass’. Oh…yeah. Synthetic grass! Not artificial grass 🙁

Last week I was in church and heard the priest say ‘Mentally Challenged persons’. Seeing the people sitting in front of him, clueless, in between the speech, he told, nowadays, we don’t say ‘Mentally Retarded’. It is ‘Mentally challenged’.

Last month I told a young Piano teacher friend of mine that I had an argument with a person and I am hurt and I don’t want to talk to that person again. She immediately told me that it is not argument or fight. It’s just ‘disagreement’ on certain issues!

God…..give me a break! I don’t want to talk to that person ever again…. It was no way a disagreement. It was verbal abuse and calling names!

Then there are some creative people who get ‘influenced’ by other person work. ‘Influenced’ is another word for ‘copying’ nowadays?

Other new thing today is, be it a road block, issues, fights, difficult situation, starvation, failure in life, tough times, bad customers or troubles etc are referred as ‘Challenges’ in life. The word ‘challenge’ is ruling the world nowadays.

I hate to use these nice sounding words which are in fashion nowadays.

Why should I use all nice to hear words?  Why can’t I be more direct and brutally honest? Why is there a need to be nice and sweet all the time? What is the need to impress everyone? How many people I need in my life?

Have I become shameless and heartless after getting into the 40’s? For that also, they have something to say…’naughty @40’.

Anyway, I ‘lived’ 43 years, the way I want to – without using much sugar coated words…

Umm….. Then why did I tell her that day that, “I feel like making love to you right now” ?                                                                     I should have told “ I want to have sex with you right now” …..right?

But again, when did I say that I ‘always’ practice what I preach?  😉


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