Oh.. we are friends

WARNING: Parental Guidance required. Explicit Content. Writing my experience. No way I am trying to prove this is universal or trying to generalize. So kids and adults who cannot understand creativity, tolerance and simple pleasures of life… should leave this page immediately. Thank you!

Don’t know why some parents think kids are their friends. I mean, real friends don’t hide anything from each other. Friends don’t do things behind the back of one other. Friends share many things that kids, especially most of the Indian kids cannot really share with their parents. That is a big truth but still some parents think their kids are their friends.

If parents become their friends, then who will be their Dad and Mom? Each and every person who enters our life, performs different duties, I am sure.

I don’t think a Dad or Mom can really take the place of a friend. For that kids, need friends. Real friends. Not a Dad or mom becoming a temporary friend.

This trust that kids share everything with their mothers is one thing I could never agree. I started to notice this false belief when I spoke to the mother of a girl with whom I had a relationship, long time ago. That mother was like “Yes, I know you Chicky, she tells me everything. No secrets between us…….” And I started to think….”Everything? Really?”. No way.

After that day, I became curious and always checked what all things kids share with their parents and what all things they don’t share with parents.

This pattern followed in all my relationships.

End of the day, people have secrets. No one shares everything with one person. It could be about financial matters, relationship issues, sickness, their past, work troubles….. The list is endless.

I meet many students every week. They share many things with me. Things happened in their school, college, office……. (For me all are kids okay. I am an old man) and I wonder, they have so many secrets!

Even 3-4-year-old kid has got his or her secrets too

I am living in a fool’s paradise if I really think everyone close to me share 100%…. each and everything with me. No. They don’t have to. They only have to share whatever they feel like.

Do I share everything with everyone?

Umm….. Can we talk about something else….please

Water is calm, the sky is bright, the weather is nice, the grass is green, oil price going down, Nawaz Sharif realized they back stabbed Atul ji….. what all thing are there to talk about. Why unnecessarily rock a boat 🙂



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