Butter comes from butterfly?

New generation kids are really smart.

Today morning, my dearest friend called me from Mumbai. She is there with her husband and son.  They are there because her son is attending a Cricket camp.

She was telling me that when she asked her son from where we get butter, he answered “Butterfly”!

He is good in cricket. No doubt. I saw a video and the strokes he plays. Really looks like a professional cricketer.  I have spent time with him and whenever I ask, he says he is an all rounder.

Good. India badly needs one. His coach thinks he is capable of opening the innings. So I was imagining that is going to be really cool. Never really saw an opening batsman who can also bowl the first over of an innings.

It would also be a new record if he could make it to the state team in a couple of years. He will become the youngest player to play for the state. He is only 6 years old now J. (6 years old going for a cricket coaching camp??)

Oh….. no no. Don’t laugh. Kids are smart nowadays. That is why parents are also fine with providing them with whatever they want.

I take the online class (Skype) for one girl who is in the Middle East. She plays guitar, violin, flute, keyboard and she sings too. Her videos are on youtube. She is just 10 years old.  Check ‘Malavika Harish’ on youtube.

Then there are my other 10-15 students, from age 9 to 13. They play like professional guitarists now. Imagine how they are going to be by the time they reach 15!

I started learning guitar only when I was 16 or 17. So very soon, they are going to teach me a thing or two on guitar.

Anyway, I can’t complain. That India was different. That generation was different. Parents only cared about kid’s school education. Other activities never mattered. Money was also not there in every house.  Whoever had money, only thought about sending their kids to Medical college or Engineering college.

Being a parent those days was really easy I guess. For everything kids asked, normal parents had a readymade answer. “Don’t compare us with others. We are not rich. We only have this beta. This is all we can afford”…..

Neither me or anyone I knew ever asked parents, why?

I don’t think I can say that to my kids. My elder daughter is already having doubts. I have a feeling that she thinks I am not working hard, she thinks that I did not score good marks that is why I am not earning well, she thinks when nothing is impossible, how come so many things are beyond my reach.

She already told me that only our apartment is small and got no balcony so when are we going to get a bigger one.

I tried the tricks my parents used when I complained about the lack of money, whenever I asked something. Unfortunately, it is not working with my kids. Don’t know why

So, nowadays I tactfully avoid any motivational talks in front of her or refrain from saying something like “Dreams are meant to be achieved”. “Nothing is impossible”. “ Dream Big”.“Failure is stepping stone to success”. “There is nothing called failure in life; only lessons in life” etc. because, it is going to backfire. What if she asks me “Dad, then why you did not achieve anything so far in life?”

Okay, let me go and buy another motivational book to read and get motivated…… Or shall I watch Mission Impossible – 5? Hmm… no. Will go to the ATM first and take some money to buy that bookshelf that always wanted to keep my motivational books that I have been buying since I was 22.

No way I can swipe my credit card now. Wife is going to see my card statement and might give me that look which I always hate…..’ That look’… which indirectly says…..”Again a motivational book? Are you crazy? You don’t have anything better to buy?”

What is better to buy with that money anyways. Oh…yeah…. Beef Fry, Fish curry and Kerala Parotta. Everyone at home can enjoy that. Esp my younger daughter. She loves fish curry. ….

Ah! I don’t think that boy gave the correct answer to my friend. Butter comes for AMUL.


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