50,000 big and small pieces of bones

So I have decided…..

From today onwards, I am going to eat only boneless meat; will never drink alcohol which comes in cans or in the bottle; I will never buy or use condoms and I will never eat chips.

Why unnecessarily get into trouble? Who knows, some MLA or some party worker might come and check my garbage bag and might brand me Anti – National!

Oh.. I forgot! With immediate effect, I am going to stop learning anything new. I had enrolled for 2 courses, but according to one MLA, people with 2 kids are not considered as students.

By the way, what kind of inferior condoms they get in Delhi!

Even after using 3000 condoms, they had to take contraceptive injections?

(I know I know…. one person cannot use 3000 condoms in a day 🙂 )

Umm…..how come I pill is not available there?

So sad!

Anyway, I don’t want to get into trouble. So I accept everything and going to stop anything which is anti-national. Including, dancing naked… 🙁

I promise I will only dance wearing 3 piece suit in the shower, with my babe.

PS: What is contraceptive injection? Is that some kind of vaccination??

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