Sunday Kichdi and the bitter moon

Some days are like that…… I wish it never ends…..

Early in the morning, I was surprised to see that I reduced 3 kilo’s; when I stood on that weighing machine in my gym.

Then my students were kind enough to do their homework.

I had nice biryani for lunch to celebrate the reduction in some unwanted body weight.

I really enjoyed taking class after that biryani.

Last week, someone called me ‘Uncle’ and I was so upset thinking I am getting old….but today afternoon someone flirted with me, and I acted as if I am a tube light…. but inside, I felt so happy and I must admit that, I enjoyed that flirting. (It is a rare thing now a days….at least for me after turning 43)

After that, 6pm – 8pm, I had my favourite whiskey and Coorg special pork fry.

9:30 pm, I had nice hot Kichdi with ghee and pickle. After that a small piece of Pineapple Vanila cake. Then a filter coffee. Now for 2 weeks, I am not going go near that weighing machine!

While walking back to my place, I looked up to check if my friend was there. I saw her. Her name is Moon. Don’t know after how many days I thought about my beloved Moon. (Yes, for me, Moon is female and Sun is male. Don’t ask me why)

She is still there standing at the same place – the same place where I met her for the first time, when I was a kid. Only difference is, today she is full, bright and glowing…..

Then I felt I am not alone. She also got some bad days and good days. Sometimes she is full and bright; sometimes, dark. I am also like that. So, I got company

Since last week, I was not in a good mood. I got bored with life and was feeling kind of miserable. I thought life sucks.

Not any more. Today, I am happy. Life seems to be great. How come?

I don’t know…..

PS: Every Sunday I have Kichdi for Dinner. There is a reason for that. No no no….no special diet.

Someone promised me that she would bring me Kichdi. It never happened. But I wait whole week and if I don’t get the Kichdi, I go out and have it from a restaurant.

Hmm……she is too busy stopping deforestation, pollution created by fire crackers and of course, population!

No worries. I will wait. Sooner or later she would realize that making some nice kichdi is much better than wasting time shouting at people who burst fire crackers on Diwali and New Year, or if someone cut trees……. 🙂

Anyway, let me have some more wine and listen to this song……

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