“Sir, you read magazines?”

Don’t know who teaches all these to them, but I have come across people who judge others by the  books they read, music they listen to, food they eat, the way they eat, the cloths they wear……. List is endless.

Some are really amused to see me buying magazines and coffee table books.

I like Hello, Femina, Vanita, Society, Rolling Stone, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Better housekeeping, outlook, week , Mangalam, Manorama…… everything. What is wrong in that?

By the way, for whom all these magazines are for? Less intelligent people like me?

When I was young, one very intelligent person advised me to read Competition Success! So I bought that and never read. Then someone told me to read Manorama Yearbook. So I bought that and never read.

Did this for 2 years and later I realised  that my heart is always in looking at beautiful photographs and reading interviews of people who worked hard and did something worthwhile to reached a position where magazines wanted to interview them and get their opinions.

But people judge you by looking at what you read. So nowadays I hide everything before someone comes to my place; especially after one of my student asked me, “Sir, you read HELLO!!”.

Why should a Rock N Roll Guitar teacher read Business India or Fortune India magazine or watch CNN money?

Of course, if they are interested, they can read but is that a prerequisite to getting respected as a music teacher?

So I am really amused when people ask me sarcastically, “You read magazines”?

Music is an emotional thing. Songs and poems are about – love, lost love, lust, beauty, longing, loneliness, togetherness, heartbreaks, infidelity, death etc and not about some Bulls, Bears , stock market, new gadgets, breakthroughs in Information Technology  or about finding a vaccine for HIV.

Then there are some types who judge others by the newspaper they subscribe to.

Some say The Times of India is best, some say Hindu is best, some say Indian Express is best and some say Economic times is best.

I also know some great people who read no Newspaper and still successful at work and leading a great life.

Then there are some youngsters who don’t like their parents, relatives and neighbours watching TV serials. I never understood why youngsters got a problem when others watch normal TV serials.

Are their parents interfering or making fun of them while they watch Two and Half Men, Sex In the City, Desperate housewives, Big Bang Theory or Quantico ?

Why can’t these youngsters shut their mouth, make or warm their on food in the microwave and mind their own business; I feel at times.  How many times I have heard men and women complain about their in-laws TV serial addiction?

Are they worried that elders would get spoiled watching serials? Or do these youngsters think their parents or relatives are idiots to watch and cry seeing the sufferings of that daughter in law?

Then there are people who judge others on the basis of the music they listen. Some tell others which music is better. There are some extreme types who force others to listen to some music they like!

The reason one judge other is to show how superior breed or race they are. Nothing else! Simple and crystal clear.

(If my mom reads this post, she would have asked me, “Since when did YOUUUUU stop judging people?”. She knows that I also have this judging disease and it is very difficult to cure 😉 )

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