Interesting, useful and meaningful……

Today morning I got an SMS from a person asking me to write something interesting, useful and meaningful… Not the same boring stuff I write; i e, love stories or sad things.

Now I am stuck. What is interesting, meaningful and useful?

Umm… hope everyone knows how to make a lime juice. Hope everyone knows how to eat a Biryani. Hope everyone knows if they study well they can score good marks. Hope everyone knows the location of restrooms in each floor of Malls in the city. Hope every  6 to 18-month kid knows that there is a tiger living on that tree next to their house, but only appears at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Hope everyone knows that Beef, Sunny Leone, James Bond’s kissing scene, Aamir khan’s personal opinions, stories about Poonam Pandey’s abortion and Kejeriwal hugging Lalu etc are the reasons for all the problems that we are facing today……

Then what is useful and meaningful? Okay, let me do a research on Penguins, Polar Bears, and Arctic monkeys; very useful and meaningful for the people in our cities and villages.

No, let me write about unemployment in the country and why 8,000 candidates turned up for a walk-in interview for 1,200 vacant posts in HCL. ( Candidates invited were grads of information technology, electrical and electronics engineers, electronic and communication engineers and B.Tech!!)

Hmm…No… I am going to write about “Hole in the Ozone Layer and its effects on Jack Fruits in Trichur”….

(J*** P**l is not allowed to comment 🙂  )


“Terrorism in the Middle East and its effects on Natholi and Karimeen in the backwaters of Alleppey” …. (Where is Alleppey? Ah! Eureka Eureka…..U**** G****h visited Alleppey recently. I can ask her if I have any doubts on this matter…. Cool)

Phew…Who needs intellectually stimulating conversations early in the morning anyway…..

Have a nice day!

PS: In case if you don’t know, Arctic Monkeys are an English Rock Band 😉


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