He destroyed me… She abused me…. I need sympathy. Wow!….get a life!

Right now, I love and respect Sunny Leone more than anyone else in this world. How gracefully she handled that CNN-IBN’s Hot Seat Interview.

According to me, that is the sign of a strong woman.

She was a porn star. Her adult movie clips are there all over the internet, but nothing stopped her from becoming one of the most bankable stars in Bollywood today.

If she was fake, she wouldn’t have survived 4 years in India.

This was her best reply in that entire interview I guess….

Question: “Is your past now literally, figuratively a thing of the past now? Is that something that you think about? I began by asking you if you had any regrets, and you spoke about your mother, and if I was to turn the clock back, would you still do what you did?”


Answer:“Everything that I have done in my life has led me to this seat. Everything is a stepping stone…”

No one forced her to act in adult movies. She just wanted to become an entertainer. That’s all.

Why can’t our kids talk like that or be bold and confident? Who is teaching them to be so senti all the time? We.

We love to play the character of a victim. We love to say, we did not become this or that in life, because of him or her. We love to find reasons to blame others and circumstances  for troubles in our life or if we did not reach our goals. We love drama queens of movies and TV serials.

When I read about other famous personalities I like (Kalki Koechiln,Oprah Winfry,  Madonna, Ozzy Osbourne, Carlos Santana, Marliyn Manson, Queen Lathifa, Kesha, Lady Gaga, Shia laBeouf, Scott Weiland, Tori Amos, Vanessa Williams …. List is endless), they were also sexually abused when they were kids….but they moved on and  became highly successful. Instead of worrying about how much harm someone did to them, they concentrated more on how to recover as soon as possible and moved forward in life….. I guess.

From age 32 to 37, I also, at times, played this sentimental victims role, in real life. Later on realized, it is really silly to waste time and energy on that role. Now I  understand, one has a choice. Either to sit there and be sad or to turn those bad experiences to fuel to excel in their life.

But here, rather than doing things to help the victim to move on with her/his life, we waste a lot of time thinking and debating about what punishment the accused is going to get.

Nirbhaya’s case was really unfortunate. I could feel the pain of her parents…. But recently I felt that they also want to take revenge. Eye for an eye? Why?

Why are we so worried if one juvenile is freed after serving the required sentence and if the state gives him a sewing machine to build a new life?

Then what is the difference between us and criminals? We also want to take revenge with the help of court, instead of a contract killer.

What do holy books teach us? Forgiveness! Right? What did Gandhiji teach us? Ahimsa right?

For a change, why can’t we educate these accused or criminals and help them to become good citizens? We, the state or the system has a duty to reform criminals……but who is doing that?

When I see these people over react and gather for a march to prove solidarity with the victim when an unfortunate event happens, I think, do they know how many criminals are educated, well read (at least read the newspaper daily) or knows what is right or wrong? Do these criminals understand anything that is going outside the prison walls?

So, why can’t they go and educate people who are in jail or who committed a crime? Why can’t these people tell their kids to become  policemen, teachers or a social worker when they grow up?

Why do all want their kids to become IT professionals, cricketers, engineers or doctors? What is wrong in becoming a social worker or a police officer if they are so concerned about society? Is that the job of people who cannot become engineers or doctors?

Oh yes, it is hard work. Sending criminals to the gallows is easy….but if the death penalty is the answer for everything, there should be no crimes in a country like Saudi Arabia. Every year, they execute 100’s of criminals. In 2015, they executed more than 150 criminals! This year, they already executed 47 ……

I think that is one thing we should teach our kids…… Move on fast and stop playing the victim card till the end of their life. Police and court will take care of other matters. Have faith in them.

I learned this from my experience. I have gone through all these so called abuses when I was a child. Just like so many famous and not so famous people on this planet. So what?

By the way, when and how did Sunny Leone corrupt our kids? Sunny came to India only 4 years back. So before that, our country was just like this God’s Garden of Eden and people never even knew the spelling of porn…….hmm…..nice thought.

Okay, Okay…..yes we have a tradition and culture. If movies influence and corrupt our kids, we should ban Sunny Leone movies. (By the way, do you know anyone becoming like Gandhiji after watching Gandhi?). We must watch only what is acceptable for Indian culture. i e watch that Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie….. one beautiful woman with a fully covered dress, wearing great ornaments and holding a sword……… having an illicit affair with a married warrior. Warriors wife adjusting with this new arrangement in her life……

Or…become like a Devdas. That is good for the growth of our nation.

Imagine our son or son-in-law bringing a beautiful Mastani to our house….. after getting inspired, watching that movie!!










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